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Gym daycare?

I am sorry I have been absent from board, even though ttc was so supportive. I am so tired being pregnant with #2.

If anyone has time, this is a funny question. I have a gym membership, but rarely use it since LO cried every time I had her go. I guess I need to go more frequently.

The question is, when? As a SAHM, I try to get her out and social or busy most mornings, and by afternoon sometimes I can get her out of the house, sometimes not. It's later, it's almost dinner time, etc. I try to go after she's asleep or nights husband helps her to sleep, but sometimes then I get too tired. Anyway, hubby leaves for work early so I can't sneak out early.

Maybe I should just freeze the account until #2 is older. Anyone successfully use the gym daycare yet? At this toddler age? TIA!

Re: Gym daycare?

  • I haven't been back to our gym in a while bc i'm not feeling up for it now being prego. But between K was between the ages of 12-20 months we were there basically daily. That was our daily routine. As soon as we were up and done with breakfast we would head over and I typically used most of the allowed child care time limit (2hrs) to workout, shower in peace, get ready. Loved it! K had a great time with other kids too. And from there we would head over to the library, gymboree or the park or whatever we had planned. I was in killer shape and it gave me a little breather.
  • That's great. I may keep trying. I think making it a routine and seeing her interactions there as an addition to her life will relieve the mommy guilt I have.
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  • I also SAH, and started going back to the gym last June.  I use the kids room at the gym 3-4 times a week.  at first, she would cry for 10 minutes as soon as I walked out the door and cry as soon as I came back.  the next week it was cut in half.  by week 3, she'd cry and then see something she liked playing with and would stop.  after a month, she got over it and I haven't had a problem since.
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  • @uws22 - slumming?  ;)

    I used the gym daycare exactly once (because I'm lazy and we don't have a gym close to our house) but it was great.  Allison played and had a ball and I got to workout and shower without a little one tugging on my arm.
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  • what can I say... the new board was boring yesterday.
    there are two motivations in sports, which is yours?
  • our new BMB.  we're expecting #2.
    there are two motivations in sports, which is yours?
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