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Ankeny/DesMoines momma's with Vbac experience

Hi Ladies,

I just moved to the Des Moines area( Ankeny) a couple of months ago. I'm expecting baby #2 in December. Any suggestions on which OB GYN to see? I'm really looking for someone that will be a cheerleader through this whole process, as my first child birth experience was quite traumatic(needed an emergency c-section, I was in a foreign country(Germany), and I had a horrible infection after surgery that required me to be in the hospital far longer than I wanted). I'm considering having a VBac, but I know that not all doctors are into that. Thoughts on someone that will be open to this? Or at least educate me further? Thank you in advance!

Re: Ankeny/DesMoines momma's with Vbac experience

  • Hello! I'm an Ankeny mommy--FTM to a little girl born last August.

    I don't know who would be supportive, but I can tell you who I would not suggest.

    I used OB/GYN and Associates and will not be going back. They are a really big practice (10+ providers) with several offices and I felt as if things fell through the cracks. Long story short--I had been complaining of not feeling good, had a variety of symptoms and they seemed to dismiss me. I ended up developing severe pre-e/HELLP and had to deliver at 29-6 via emergency c/s.

    Regardless I will be high risk next pregnancy, but still will look for a smaller practice with a MFM on staff.

    Good luck, and welcome to Ankeny :) How do you like it?
  • Wow, thank you for letting me know. I was actually looking to use that practice, but for whatever reason, I felt called to go with Dr. Hoegh with unity point instead. I haven't met with him yet(only 6 weeks along). It will be interesting to see what his thought's are on a Vbac. You're response to Ob/Gyn Associates makes me feel better about my choice. 

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  • Congratulations! I'm partial to Mercy, just have always used their docs/clinics, and my daughter was in the NICU at Mercy, but I've heard of a lot of good drs that are Unity Point.

    I hate to make it sound horrible, they have some nice drs, but just felt as of they dropped the ball with me and had a scary experience.

    Good luck :)
  • Hi I am in Ankeny also, I did not have the greatest experience with Dr. Hoegh, but he might fine with you. If he is not super happy about VBAC I would suggest seeing Dr. Lori Steinmann who is a Midwife and delivers at Mercy hospital. Her and her husband have a family practice. 
    If you are more open to non-traditional birthing options, like home birth or birth center, there are some great midwives in town too. They will definitely advocate the possibilities for VBAC. I am planning a home birth at the end of May and I have had excellent prenatal care. 
    Let me know if you have questions!
  • Congratulations and welcome to the area! I just had my first in December and went to the Iowa Clinic. They have a west side and downtown location...maybe ankeny too. It's a larger clinic, so you see many different doctors, but this didn't really bother me. I always felt very well taken care of and never had to wait long at all. I had an unplanned c-section that was preformed by Dr. Tran, and I really liked her a lot. She made me feel very comfortable about the surgery and she did a very good job. She is based out of the downtown office, so I had never met her before that day, but I had my postpartum checkup with her as well, and will probably switch to her office even though the west one is closer. Dr. Tran was open to answering all my questions and did not seem to be in a hurry at all, which is rare! She also said that we could talk about a VBAC when and if the time came, so I know that clinic is open to that. Good luck, PM me if you have any questions!
  • I went to the mercy Obgyn and had a good vbac experience. It is a large practice as mentioned but my previous Obgyn for my first lo in a different town was also large with rotating docs so I was used to that approach versus seeing the same doc everytimr. I saw Dr. dassaynke the most for appointments and she was supportive but also still factual and neutral in terms of weighing the risks and benefits at any given time in my pregnancy. I felt like she was "real" in the leveling with me that we would go for it but for different reasons it might not happen. Dr. Emily Chang delivered me and I really like her and she was very supportive of me trying for a vbac.

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