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Psoriasis and pregnancy

Hey all! I am 6w with my first. I have pretty severe scalp psoriasis. My derm told me not to use the steroid foam I've been using, during my first trimester, as it has caused cranial and cleft palette deformities. Any of you ladies found a safe treatment for psoriasis during this time? My head is so red, itchy and flaky!!! Please help!

Re: Psoriasis and pregnancy

  • You can get an over the counter shampoo called T-Gel that works well. Smells horrible though!! Your dermatologist can prescribe a stronger version of it too so you don't have to use it as often. My psoariasis actually got worse during pregnancy and I got little spots all over my body as well as having the issue on my scalp. Since I've had my LO I've tanned a few times and the spots on my body have gone away and I'm able to use my regular medicine again bc it doesn't effect nursing. Good luck!!! It's a pain!
  • I have a story on the opposite end of the spectrum. I've used a dermatologist prescribed serum on my scalp for at least 5 years, and when I learned I couldn't use it during pregnancy, I was really bummed. However, I just decided I'd have to embrace a crazy scalp during pregnancy. It got a little worse before it got better, but it actually ended up clearing up and I didn't realize it till now but I'm 3 months post partum and it's actually gone completely! I just felt my scalp and it dawned on me. Maybe it's all the prenatal vitamins or hormone changes....
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