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Airplane help

Hi! Going to travel with our 11 month old by plane. I heard of many ways to help her with the trip. What helped your little ones? A bottle is not an option, she breastfeeds. Also, she doesn't use a nuk. Thanks!

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  • I traveled a lot by myself with LO when he was 10 and 11 months. 
    I nursed him when he seemed like he wanted to nurse. He had no trouble going up or down. Taking off his shoes was helpful, since his favorite way to ride was standing on my lap. Not comfortable in the least but he wanted to be able to see and that's how he stayed happy. We typically read the airline emergency info, tear up the SkyMall, open and shut the shade ten million times (I taught him to shut it; kept him super busy), and I packed some snacks and interesting little toys and books to keep him occupied. It's totally four hours of "amuse the baby" when we fly, so it's not relaxing, but it goes well. 


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  • Hi there. I've done lots of traveling with our LO. Same as previous poster but also: bring sanitizing wipes to clean surfaces they will touch (everything), make sure they are wearing something comfy such as a footed zip up onesie (you will lose socks/shoes if they keep taking them off), bring food in those pouches (even if you don't feed purées anymore) as they can be held and sucked out and there will be less mess when feeding, bring a lovey they sleep with to help comfort them if they want to nap. Also, (because this happened to me) bring a few spare sets of ear plugs for your seat neighbors if a tantrum happens and a bag of chocolate to ease the mood :)
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  • Extra clothes for everyone, not just baby.

    Food in the pouches,,,we did BLW and never used purees but those things are genius for travel.

    Our daughter used to sleep through all the at 13 months she has started staying awake through all or most of the flight so it's all about entertaining the baby.  Some toys, windows, other people, anything from the seat back pouch to keep them busy.

    Oh, and as you get off ask if baby can sit in cockpit.  Our last flight they let my 13month old sit in the pilots seat (with co-pilot in the other seat) and they let her play with the buttons!  Made for awesome pictures.  My husband got to go talk with the pilot which he loved too!



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