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Moving to Grand Rapids area this summer!!! Need recommendations!

We are moving from Connecticut to the Grand Rapids area this summer. We are super excited but also a little nervous. I am currently 13 weeks pregnant and have 2 older kids( 4 and 6) anyway I was wondering if anyone new any info on the following towns (grandville, Byron center, caledonia, hudsonville) and could recommend an Obgyn practice close to those areas. I guess we'd also need a pediatrician too! Thank you so much
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Re: Moving to Grand Rapids area this summer!!! Need recommendations!

  • I like west michigan Obgyn, they have 2 offices. One in downtown Grand Rapids and one in Grandville. I know hudsonville has good schools ( I don't know anything about the other schools). You are going to like the Grand Rapids area it's a great place live.
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  • I go to Mercy Health (used to be Advantage Health) OBGYN downtown. They are all really nice Doctors!
  • Welcome!  Hudsonville, Jenison and Grandville are all amazing school districts, plus we have school of choice here.  The area is great and close to GR (15min drive non rush hour).  I go to GR Womens Health off of Michigan St, downtown and Love their practice :)   GRWH delivers at Spectrum Butterworth btw,
    Lots of pg info and answers on their website!
    Good luck :) 
  • I also second West Michigan OBGYN. That's who I had and they are great. Also, for a pediatrician, we go to Brookville Pediatrics in Wyoming. Don't know how close that is to you but they have also been fantastic. Good luck and welcome!
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  • Welcome to the area! I've heard good things about Grand Rapids Women's Health also and plan on switching to them, since my OB's practice closed. Our pediatrician has offices in Cascade and Jenison- Western Michigan Pediatrics.

    And if you happen to be in need of a good maternity and/or newborn photographer, I'd love to chat more with you!

    Erin :)
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