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I have a splitting headache and I know taking Tylenol is okay but I just gave my son Tylenol for teething. Will my taking Tylenol be a bad idea?

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  • They gave me Tylenol after my c/s knowing I was bf, so it must be considered ok.

    How old is LO? My DS was OK'ed to take it when he was 4 months old.

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  • My issue is, will he get Tylenol through breastfeeding? He's had a dose himself for teething. I didn't want to 'overdose' him if he could get more Tylenol though breastmilk. If that makes any sense...?

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  • don't be worried- whatever might pass into your milk would be an absolutely miniscule amount. certainly not near enough to risk your LO getting too much.

    for more reassurance, read here (specifically under the heading "Breastfeeding and Maternal Medications")
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