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How to wean 25 month old?

I'm pretty much exhausted and tied of nursing her. Plus newly pregnant with #2. I'd like to wean before #2, but she associates it with nap and bedtime when I'm home. Otherwise she nurses 2 other times during the day. I try to say all done, don't offer, don't refuse, distract, offer cow milk, etc.

Anyone have a toddler you know isn't ready, but mom really is done?

Re: How to wean 25 month old?

  • When she's sick or wakes at night, it'll all about mommy milk :/
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  • I did this.  DD1 was 21 months, and a total milk monster.  I was pregnant with DD2, and exhausted and getting sick all the time.  It was awful.
     We were down to morning, before and after nap, and bedtime.  I cut bedtime first because that was what I knew would be the easiest.  She was pretty tired at night, and I knew it wouldn't be so much of a fuss.  Next I cut morning which was the hardest.  That was her favorite time to nurse, and she would nurse for sometimes an hour...she just woke up slowly nursing.  It was also now a time when I had to run to the toilet to throw up countless times which stressed her out.  It was hard.  She cried, and asked repeatedly.  I felt awful.  I felt like it was confusing for her too because I was still nursing before and after naps so I started saying "you are a big girl!  Mommy's milk is going away now because you are a big girl!"  I did this for about a week, and then cut the before and after nap sessions.  Then it was done.  I had a couple of days of her sort of asking, and either I would say "no remember mommy's milk is all gone" or she would say something like that or "just more milk."  She would answer herself basically...just talking about it.  She wouldn't get upset though.  It was totally fine after that. 
    Good luck!  It was hard, and I felt guilty.  I needed to do it though. 
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