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Go figure

I had my 14 week appointment today.  I met one of the OBs and we talked a bit about my birthing options (unprompted).

Him: "So, what kind of birth are you looking for?"
Me: "I was hoping to try for a VBAC."
Him: "Great.  That is great.  Not enough women try."
Him: "So, when did you want to schedule your c-section then."

I was also reminded that my son was much too big for me.  I was prepared for all of this and politely told him that I had no interest in setting a date at this time and would let him know if I changed my mind.  I have a feeling that this same conversation is going to come up at every single appointment between now and September.  
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Re: Go figure

  • Wow.  Good for you for standing up to him.  For as much good as doctors can do, I hate them sometimes.
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  • It doesn't sound like he is very supportive of VBAC.
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  • mysticl said:

    It doesn't sound like he is very supportive of VBAC.

    From what I have heard from the midwives at the practice ( who don't do deliveries unfortunately), the OBs are supportive in a very limited number of circumstances. Unfortunately I cannot switch because of my insurance situation. I'm going to try to make as many of my future appointments with the midwives as possible.
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