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New moms in Corvallis?

My husband and I live in Corvallis and we have just discovered we're pregnant with our first! Are there any first time moms out there in our area? Or anyone with suggestions on a good obgyn and some amazing baby products? We are SO EXCITED (but our family lives in Ohio, so we're kind of on our own out here)


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Re: New moms in Corvallis?

  • Dr. Card at Corvallis Clinic is my OB. She's great!

    I'm not a first time mom, but understand what it's like being far from family.

    I also second the rock and play! We didn't have one with our first, but used it with our second. It was by far my favorite baby item. I also love a good baby carrier, the rainforest jumperoo & sleep sacks.

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  • We are delivering at good Sam in Corvallis and I am very excited about it. We are almost 30 weeks pregnant with our first and have been extremely happy with all of the staff there. We plan to go all natural with a water birth and they are completely supportive of everything.
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    First time mom here! I have seen Dr. Card and I liked her, too! I changed insurance and now go to Samaritan ob/gyn. They seem to rotate you through providers. I really like Susan Heinz. I am due in June.
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  • Also a first time mom here, living in Albany. My OB is Dr. Card at the Corvallis Clinic. We had our first appointment with her this last Wednesday and really liked her! I'm due in July.
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  • Not a first time mom, this baby #5 for me but a first for my husband and I. Just wanted to say congrats to you both. As far as baby products go, stay away from Johnson and Johnson due to the known cancer causing carcinogens. Dr. Bronner's has an excellent all-in-one baby soap, shampoo, detergent,etc. I live outside of Lebanon, going to have another homebirth- but this time a water- birth. Much joy to you!
  • FTM living in Albany :) Have my first OB appt on Jan 16 with Dr. Gjesdal.
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  • Thanks Everyone!

    So far so good - we're due July 6th and everything is going well. 

    I'm happy to be through the first trimester and beginning the second.. although the headaches arent any fun. 
  • My OB Dr was Dr Gjesdal and he was great and his staff is wonderful as well.
  • My OB Dr was Dr Gjesdal and he was great and his staff is wonderful as well.

    Awesome, thanks! Don't have many friends who've used him, so glad to hear the recommendation :-)
    Married November 2009
    Clara, August 2014 
    Baby Boy due October 2017
  • @kaysa2 I would love a doula recommendation.
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  • I'm a first time mom, and delivered at Good Samaritan in October my ob is dr Boyle, she's absolutely amazing and if there ever is a baby #2 we'll be going back to Boyle I can't say enough good things about her and her staff! I started with the good Sam group but had such a horrible experience (6 hours to get back to me when spotting and cramping) then after I called the 4th time they panicked me and told me to immediately come in for a emergency ultrasound, then took days to call me (even though I was calling them) to give results...the one scare I had when under boyles care she was on the phone immediately with me and got me the appropriate care, she made me feel important and that baby and I were her top priority. That's how she made me feel, always! Good luck
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