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Anyone's little one have a reaction to cheerios? My DS who has been allergy testes (positive for peanuts and fish) as a horrible skin rash and diarrhea from cheerios. Trying to determine the cause.
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Re: cheerios?

  • My DS had an oat allergy along with some others. He was getting a rash on his face and would scream after eating. I thought it might be the rice in the rice cereal, but after the allergist did more testing it turns out it was the oats!
  • DD is PA only and she eats cheerios (plain ones and apple cinnamon) fine.  I think the other flavors are ok except honey nut (which has almond) so we might eat that too since we have no tree nut allergy.  I would lean towards it being something other than the peanut allergy UNLESS you are talking about off brand. THOSE (walmart brand) have a cross contamination warning for peanuts.
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