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Normal Fear?

Good evening ladies! I am here simply with a question. DH and I are not TTC #3 quite yet, but I we are talking about it. My boys are now ten months and they are the result of 3 IVF cycles. Up until 35 weeks we were a planned c-section due to baby A being breech, but at 35 weeks we discovered he had flipped and now we were going to attempt a vaginal delivery. The thoughts of a c-section left me with lots of anxiety, but by 35 weeks I had worked through all of the anxiety and came to terms with the method of delivery. I did attempt delivering vaginally, but A was sunny side up and his head was too large for my pelvis (at least that is how it was described to me by my OB). After about 2 hours of pushing it was decided that a c-section was the safest method of delivering both boys.
Now that DH and I are talking about TTC again it is bringing up the fear of attempting a vaginal delivery  and ending up in the same situation as before all over again. The end result is totally worth it, but it has left me fearful of a vaginal delivery and I would rather skip right to the c-section. I plan on talking with my OB about this when I go for my yearly and to discuss taking out the IUD. I was just wondering if it is normal to have this fear or not. 
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Re: Normal Fear?

  • Kim22Kim22 member
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    Very normal, I wanted nothing to do with a vaginal delivery after my first CS. I have now had 3 CS and loved them all.
  • I am not having any more children, but if I did, I would IMMEDIATELY decide to do a RCS.

    The 27 hours of labor were enough for me.  

    I went into the whole process with a narrow frame of mind, thinking unmedicated was the only way to try to do things, my oh my, how wrong I was...CS are the sh!t!!


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    Kim22 said:

    Very normal, I wanted nothing to do with a vaginal delivery after my first CS. I have now had 3 CS and loved them all.

    This. If you want more kids, I might consider VBAC otherwise, if you are comfortable with c/s, I personally felt like it was the best choice for me and I would have ended up there regardless.






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