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Hey ladies! I'm new to the board :) 6 weeks pregnant (Due Nov 7) and hoping to have a VBAC. I had my daughter in July 2011 via scheduled csec bc I didn't know any better about birth to question my ob when he said at 36 weeks that I had a narrow pubic arch, that baby would never drop, that my hips would never spread, and that if I tried for a labor it would most likely end in failed labor with an emergency csec. I was terrified and decided to go along with the csec. I had her at 39 weeks 4 days. Now that I know better I'm hoping for a better and more peaceful birth this time. I plan on using midwives and am praying for the ability to have a HBAC. Any other precious HBAC mamas in here? Any mamas hoping for an HBAC? Thanks!

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  • Should say *previous* not precious haha
  • Hi I'm also new to this board. I am 33 weeks pregnant due May 3. At my appointment last week my doctor asked me what my plans for delivery were. I told him I'd like to avoid another c-section if at all possible. He said he'd  have to look at my operational report from when I had DD back in 2007. I really prefer to have a VBAC because the recovery was awful but I have watched a few births on youtube and it scared the ish outta me. I don't which way I'd rather go at this point. The vaginal delivery look so scary and painful but the c-section recovery was super painful.
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  • Hi, I am due November 8 and will be attempting a VBAC. My DS was born in September 2012 through a c section, despite my desire to avoid one. I did not expect to have a c section last time and I did not adequately prepare myself with the knowledge that I should have. This time I want to be completely prepared and informed of all of the different options.
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  • I have a very similar story. My past obgyn said I had a narrow arch and that my hips wouldn't spread. He told me he has only told two women this and that I was one of the two. I wasn't educated enough and did fall for it. I had my son via scheduled csection. He was 6lbs 10oz. The recovery was rough and I ended up needing a blood transfusion. Now I am 24 weeks pregnant and due late July. I am planning a vbac but in a hospital. I would love to do the home birth thing but that is where my fear takes over. On a positive note my current and new ob says that she never tells a woman that she is too small for birth because she will most likely be wrong. She claims to have no worries about my arch and says the only true way to know is to try. Good luck on your journey :)
  • I don't meet my new midwives until next week, but I will probably talk about an HBAC with them.  

    I will probably plan a hospital VBAC, but secretly will hope that once my MW arrives at my house during labour that she will say "You're too close!  You are having this baby at home!"  lol.

    My daughter was very wrapped up in her cord and I needed a C at the final hour.  I really hope I don't need another. 
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