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One-sided Feeding-What Can I Expect?

Due to two abscesses that formed on my left side from two bouts of Mastitis these past 6 weeks I am now weaning on that side since DD is basically a one-sided feeder anyway due to low supply on the infected side. I'm returning to work next week. DD seems to be doing OK doing one-sided nursing, but she will be weighed this afternoon so hopefully she's gaining adequate weight. I pump after a morning feed and only get about 1.75-2 ounces. I am unable to pump in place of a feeding right now because I need her to nurse on the infected side since the the pump flange would cover the open wound I have due to the abscess. Therefore, I don't know how much I'd pump in place of a feed.

I'm very nervous about what my supply will do once I return to work and have to pump at work. Did it work out OK for you one-sided feeders? Did you ever become a milk hoarder? I hope I can be a hoarder, but I just don't know if it's possible with only one boob doing the job. Thoughts?

TTC since April 2011. DH Dx MFI in February 2012. BFP #1: 7.16.12. MMC dx: 8.22.12, D&C 8.28.12, TTC Again November 2012. DH Varicocele repair November 2012; Repeat SA showed "dramatic" improvement February 2013 (awesome!)
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Re: One-sided Feeding-What Can I Expect?

  • I had a surgery in 2007 and was told I'd be ok to breastfeed. I had my daughter in Dec and I only produce on one side. She is now three months and growing like a weed. I went back to work two weeks ago and I pump at work but I never have extra to save and freeze. When I pump at work I get about 3 and a half oz. When I pump at home I only get about 1-2oz at a time because she nurses so often. What I pump at work I take home at lunch and she has that for the afternoon feeding. She's doing great I just can't get ahead. Breastfeeding her is one of the hardest thing I've ever done, bur she's worth every min of it.
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