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thumb sucking...

Hi everyone. Wanted to see if anyone has any advice about keeping my LO from sucking his thumbs.. 

His recently discovered them. I pull it out of his mouth.. screams...  I tried replacing it with a paci.. doesnt work. He screams until i take the paci out or spits it out as soon as i let it go  then goes straight to the thumb. I put mittens on him and he sucks on it so much its soaking wet... (-_-)  I don't want it to be a bad habit and/or mess with his future teeth 

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  • I hope your right =( 

  • I agree with the previous poster. If I were you I wouldn't fight it right now. Maybe he'll be like my son and suck it for a few months and then forget about it. It's def a developmental thing too.

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  • I'm not fighting it, my LO loves her hands. I figure its a way to self sooth and it's easier than a paci- she can't lose it, I don't have to sterilize them!
    I'll deal with the bad habit if it turns into one down the road!
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  • >.< alright. I'll let him be. it is nice that I dont have to hold a paci for him. lol
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    Although I'm not a mom yet and still ttc, I can say this. I'm 33 and still suck my thumb, my mom said that she thought that I would grow out of it. So when my nephew started sucking his thumb my mom told my sister to break him out of it... I'm not a expect but I hope it helps.
  • I don't think you should thInk about as much or worry you that you will have a thumbsucker forever :-/ and sometimes that's not the case my son sucked his thumb until he was a little over a year and he used it when in a new place and when he was sleepy... Every child is different :-)
  • I'm actually glad he started doing this as now he can self-sooth bc he doesn't take a paci, we will worry about transitioning later.
  • Worry about it when he's 2-3 yrs old, not now.  Yes, it's a habit they need to break eventually, but now isn't the time.
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  • Ya i'm letting it be for now.. at least i dont have to sit there with a paci 

    now his moved on to chomping on his fingers somethings. teething i believe. 
  • my son sucks his thumb too. It's hid way of self soothing.  He's sucking on his bib too.  I wouldn't worry too much at this age.
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  • blah I wouldn't worry about it. He's learning to self sooth (which is a great thing)  and it's not going to impair his teeth or speech right now. And it's way better than having to get up a million times a night to reinsert the paci. Also- some babies just have a strong suck reflux and at this stage I don't think it's worth the fight. 

    My LO chops on his fingers all the time. He is teething. It helps relieve pressure off his gums. 

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