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mucus plug question

Hi ladies,
I am 38 weeks and I lost my mucus plug this morning, should I call and let the Dr. Know? Anything I need to know that can/will happen afterwards?


Re: mucus plug question

  • I lost mine 2 wks before LO arrived. No need to call dr IMO as there is nothing they can do. I was still loosing some a week later.
  • No need to call your OB.  It could still be a week or 2 before baby is born.
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  • As long as your water hasn't broken and you don't have contractions I don't see the point in notifying your doc yet.

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  • It doesn't mean anything and there is no reason to call.

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  • lalala8 said:
    While I was pregnant with my first, I read that if there's blood in your MP, the odds of labor starting soon are greater than if there's no blood... either way, no need to call until you're in labor. I'll piggy back off this thread- anyone know if this is true?
    When I lost my plug with my last pregnancy, it was blood tinged.  I didn't have him until over 2 weeks later.
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  • It's meaningless. It can even regenerate and you can lose it multiple times.


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  • Losing your mucus plug means nothing. Sorry to disappoint.
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  • I haven't lost mine at all. Come to think of it, I didn't with all 3 previous pregnancies. I am due tomorrow, went to Dr today, already 4 cm dialated, said they'd induce maybe this afternoon, or tomorrow due to my GD even though its well managed. Just waiting on the phone call.
  • Hi ladies

    thanks for the responses to my initial post. I am happy to report that im posting from the hospital. My little muffin was born on wednesday march 5th!

    thanks :)  
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