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Prenatal Vision elective ultrasounds.

Anyone use this service and have any reviews about their experience? !

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Re: Prenatal Vision elective ultrasounds.

  • We had it done. The tech was great. We just did the "internet special" price and felt the money was well worth it. Our LO didnt want to show her face so they offered to refund us part of our money or let us come back another date and have it redone free of charge. 
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  • Same here... we had it done with my DS... worth the money and the same that he didn't want to show his face so we came back a second time and was successful

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  • We did the basic 3D/4D package and ended up with a lot if great shots. The room was really nice and the image was projected on the wall which made it easy for everyone to see. We brought along the grandparents and they loved being part of the experience as well!
  • Thanks for the input made our appointment for the end of February. Cant wait!

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  • We went to Prenatal Vision 3 times and all 3 visits were great! Kari is amazing and really makes sure you get your money's worth!
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  • We went yesterday for my sister to find out what she was having. The tech was super nice up until my 4 year old kept raving that she was right and she knew it. The tech looked at her and said "Ya had a 50/50 shot." 
    It really irked me and I should have spoke up but I just gave her a hug instead and decided we won't use their services for this pregnancy either (on my 4th and haven't ever done it but was contemplating up until that point because it really was pretty cool!!!!)
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  • We loved our experience and will use them again for future pregnancies.
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  • I LOVE prenatal vision - they are so wonderful there!
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