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Breads & pasta

Hello all,
My DD is turinng 9 months soon & we are doing a combo of BLW & chinkier puree. I want to start trying breads & pasta. I want to of course go the whole grain route. Any brands you guys have used that you can reccommend?

Re: Breads & pasta

  • I use Earth Best almost for all of her baby specific foods.  But I also just buy the organic stuff from Whole foods and use the whole grain stuff.    My LO LOVES her carbs.  She has been eating  pasta and bread since 6 months :)   



  • Thank you I also use Earth's best... I just didn't know which breads to use.. I buy organic whole grain for myself..I just thought there would be a specific one to use...
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  • Barilla has a veggie penne pasta (made from carrots and tomatoes) that DD loves.  I just drizzle olive oil on it when it's hot and let it cool a bit - DD loves it!  They also have a gluten free spaghetti that I put pesto on and she loves that too.  As for bread we get pepperidge farm whole wheat I think and DD loves it toasted with either whipped cream cheese or plain hummus.  We're waiting until 1 year to try peanut butter.
  • For pasta I use rice pasta and I haven't given her bread yet but I make little pancakes with her baby oatmeal cereal and pumpkin. She loves them.
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