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Mental Fatigue

I've been debating talking about this but I need to get these feelings out there somewhere and writing is pretty therapeutic for me. So if you're in the mood to jump down someone's throat, please do not continue reading.

I left work yesterday because I was having contractions in clusters. I would have 6 or 7 in an hour and then not have any for 30 minutes to an 1.5 hours. They kept increasing in intensity, which is why I left early.  I assumed that trend would just continue today (and indeed, it continued through much of the night) but today everything has been slowing down and I'll just have one really intense contraction every 1-2 hours. I'll be 40 weeks tomorrow, so hopefully you could understand why this is causing me a little mental fatigue.

Anyway, I'm really excited to meet my LO and get my body back (to some extent, I am hoping to nurse).  This pattern, or should I say lack of one, is really wearing me down.

Re: Mental Fatigue

  • Is this your first one? I'm definitely not an expert nor do I have the experience of labor (yet; I'm 33 weeks) but I know that labor can be really irregular. 

    I can only imagine the irregularity is well, a bummer drag at the least and really disheartening and fatiguing at most. Remember that your body is made to do this -- that YOU are made to grown, birth and feed a baby, which is pretty freaking awesome. Your body will bounce back, too.

    The BEST part about all this crazy irregularity is that you get to meet your baby soon. One of the sayings my husband plans to use with me during labor is "Soon we'll get to meet our baby," and so forth. Remember that you get this wonderful blessing after laboring through this craziness.

    Good luck @rachelsholiday. I hope your mental fatigue eases and that you find your second wind!
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  • I had contrax 15 min apart at night for two nights in a row with #2. Then they continued to the next day. That night, I went into active labor and my water broke. DS was born that evening. My advice is to drink lots of water, eat things that are easily digested, and get as much sleep/rest as you can.
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  • Thanks you guys! I just had an appointment with my midwife this morning for some tests and to start talking about induction. Hopefully it doesn't come to that though :).
  • Mine were spaced 15-1hr apart days before they got to 8 minutes, then to 2-5 following my internal exam at just undet 41 weeks along.
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