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Mini vent (pg mentioned)

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So I'm a little annoyed...although I kinda understand.  Two of my best friends from HS have been dealing with IF.  One got pregnant last year through IVF, and she is my go-to person for support and questions.  The other friend has been a good shoulder to lean on, as well.  But she has been more sensitive, so we are always keen to talk about things too much unless she seems in good spirits.  Even with all that, we text each other routinely (we live in different cities) to update on what treatment we were doing, if we got a BFN, etc.  We did our injects cycle around the same time (she was 2 wks behind me).  I told her I got a BFN, but she never told me what happened...I figured it was BFN and she didn't want to talk about it.  Kinda weird she didn't text me for a while, but between treatments, she would often take breaks to emotionally heal.

Well of course on lovely Facebook, I see today that she's expecting twin girls.  She didn't post it - it was one of her friends, posting pics of the gender reveal party.  So I can't be too annoyed b/c I know she stopped going on FB a while back b/c it was too hard for her.  Still...with all the stuff I shared with her, a text or something would have been good.  Even if she doesn't get on FB, she knows I still do and she had to figure I'd see something at some point.  Our other friend didn't know, either.  

Anyways, I know she's been emotional through the whole thing and doesn't want to go on and on about it.  And she may have not wanted to tell me initially due to my BFN, and then forgot to update me as time passed.  But like I said, I simple text does wonders!  That's all - just had to vent it out!

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Re: Mini vent (pg mentioned)

  • Vent away! I'd be upset to. So sorry you had to find out that way..

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  • Yikes, I'd def be a bit upset too. Maybe shoot her a text and offer your sincere congrats so she knows you know. Maybe she just wasn't sure what to say? I have a friend who has been dealing with this IF as well and we very specifically had a talk about how we'll handle when one of us finally gets the BFP: We agreed to ask the other person how their day is going to gauge if it's a good day or they just left a doctor appointment or something. We're not going to not tell each other, but we are going to make sure we tell the other person when they're not already having a bad day. 
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  • I went through something similar but with a wedding (a friend I thought I was close to told me she was getting married and that she was just having a small civil ceremony with family and going out to dinner after) then later saw beautiful, lavish pictures of the ceremony complete with bridesmaids we both went to high school with and it sorta knocked the breath out of me.  I felt deceived.

    Saw the pictures on Facebook and it really sucked.

    Sorry you found out that way :( You'd think your friend would've opened up to you sooner!

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  • So sorry... that does suck! And to find out on FB just hurts more... I understand her not wanting to tell you right away but you were going through it all together it's hard to find out that way. You have us... keep your spirits up :)
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  • Hugs. I am so sorry you had to find out that way.
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  • I would be hurt too, sorry you had to find out that way. Hugs!

  • My heart hurts reading this.  I'm so sorry you found out that way.  I really think she should have told you -- even though sometimes people don't know how to tell friends news that might be hard, part of friendship sometimes involves being honest, even when it is uncomfortable. It was probably uncomfortable for her, but ultimately, it was very hurtful for you.  Your friend should have told you...I'm so sorry for how you found out.

  • Hugs. That's terrible.
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  • ((Hugssss)) so sorry

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