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FTM, some questions.

To any other mommas out there - I'm wondering what were some of your earliest signs of labor (before contractions or water breaking)? I'm 36 weeks, and I know it's early still and pretty unlikely I'm gonna go too early. But I'm just wondering if any of you just kinda felt off and maybe later realized it was due to labor? Lately I've had a lot of non-specific aches/pains. My stomach is just uncomfortable a lot of the time, different than before. My hips feel like they're stretching sometimes. Movements are different (I even had a BPP today due to decreased fetal movement, but we got a perfect 8/8!) and maybe TMI, but every time I go to the bathroom it's loose which is new for sure. My BH are getting a little more intense and uncomfortable too. Is this all just end of the road type of stuff or maybe a sign things are starting to happen? I'm anxious for sure - this is my first time and no one else in my family has any kids so there's really no one I can ask about this stuff. 
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Re: FTM, some questions.

  • I'm 35 weeks and having the same kinds of symptoms -- was wondering the same thing.  Yesterday my BH were really intense (though not painful) and I had some cramping low in my abdomen -- but mostly just felt "off."  I even mentioned to my husband that I don't think this baby is going to make it another 5 weeks!   He kinda freaked out about that a little bit...
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  • With both of my pregnancies I got really swollen about 24-48 hours before going in to labor. My face felt it, my lips, my hands, my feet. Everything. I didn't have any problems with retaining fluid or high blood pressure at any other points in my pregnancies so it was a sudden strange symptom and indicator for me.

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  • For my 1st pregnancy i actually went to the hospital like 12 hours before i went into labor and got sent home because of lack of strong contractions. I initially went in because i had some slight bleeding. Besides that nothing until i actually had real contractions. Also my water didn't break on its own. My OB had to break it for me around 7 or 8 cm
  • My water broke first with DD. I had night time contrax for 2 nights before they became regular.
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  • jtmomma13jtmomma13
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    I had really strong BH contractions for almost a month. The week before I went into labor I had an insane amount of discharge- it was disgusting. I actually thought I was leaking fluid. But other than that I felt totally fine. 

    eta- words are hard
  • I had my weekly check and the doctor said it could be anytime. She didn't examine me very aggressively because she could've broken my bag of waters right then and there. The rest of that day was just very different than previous days. It is the end of your pregnancy so of course your body is in prep mode, but the things that started happening made it very clear that I was going into labor. I'll reference jtmomma13's post above and leave it at that ;) I went into labor that night. Gosh - relieving it makes me want to get pregnant again!

    Every woman and labor experience is different though... best of luck!
  • Part of me hopes I go a little early (safely of course) because of my leave situation. I can only afford the 6 weeks I get paid (and that's even only at 60% of my normal pay). So if I go late, I can't afford to stay home extra time. So I've been talking to my belly and telling him to get here a week early when I start my leave. lol. Doubtful it'll happen, but I can try.
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  • Alli0322: That's a pretty odd requirement.  Maternity leave should start on the day of your delivery, not your due date...
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  • Alli0322Alli0322
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    It does, but I'm taking the week before my due date off. I'm a nurse and the unit I work on is pretty physically demanding (and I can't simply cut my hours, or I don't get paid for my leave at all). I'm already exhausted. I wanted to work up until I couldn't anymore but they made me pick a date as my last day before I could file for leave and with how I'm feeling lately I knew I wouldn't be able to go as long as I originally wanted.
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  • I felt nothing before labor actually began.  I woke up in the morning and was just laying awake in bed before I got up, and I felt a lot of wetness downtown and then I started having menstrual-like cramps.  20 hours later, I had a baby.
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