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Could labor be soon ?

So im 37 weeks today ...  I know I have 3 weeks but i feel like she is going to come sooner. I have constant braxtons hicks that are so uncomfortable, my left side of my back has been aching and hurting, soft stools, slept all day saturday then cleaned all day sunday ( guess nesting? ) and cramping. Plus im just in what seems never ending pain of some kind all weekend . Do you think it could be soon or am I destined to be in utter discomfort for 3 more weeks ... anyone have this happen in previous pregnancy and have baby sooner .... im starting to lose it 

Re: Could labor be soon ?

  • Sure. It could be soon. Or it could be another 3 weeks...
    Hope you start feeling better.
  • There really is no way of knowing. Hang in there, baby is not due yet.

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  • are 37 weeks pregnant.

    So I am going to go with yes.


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  • None of these things indicate labor is coming soon. You just seem really pregnant from the sound of it. I know three weeks sounds like a long time at this point, but I'd expect to wait at least that long. I would LOVE to have only three weeks left! If it happens tomorrow, yay. But hang in there, they come when they're ready.

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  • Thank you !!! 
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