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Toy Obsession

I am curious if any of your LOs are obsessed with any toys.  DS has become obsessed with the dog leashes - not a great toy.  I get so freaked out that he is going to hurt himself so I always keep a close eye on him.  He seriously has a tantrum when I take the leash away - jumping up and down crying and even flailing backwards.  Every day he wakes up his first stop in the house is right under the hooks for the dog leashes.  He cries until he gets it.  He has never been so obsessed with anything like this before.

Anybody else have a LO obsessed with a toy? 

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Re: Toy Obsession

  • This post made my husband and I LAUGH!  Ours is obsessed with the stairs and throws a temper tantrum when we close the gate.  Not a toy...but seeking danger, I guess!  He is also a pacifier hoarder and loves his basketball, soccer ball & playground ball. 


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  • He steals my cell phone every morning off the night stand, he takes a can of tuna from th pantry if I leave it open, he attempts to climb the couch to get to the remotes, our ears. There are others too, there are a couple actual toys he seems to always go to too.

  • Anything that's not actually a toy! His favorite thing is my phone. He's managed to crack the screen with his tossing it around and we get the occasional tantrum when I take it away.
  • DS has a kermit that he's obsessed with. It goes everywhere he goes. We had to buy a second one so we could wash one and keep the other out.
  • M goes through phases where she loves the cat leash.  It is very confusing for the cat because he thinks we are going to take him outside, but it's 20 degrees with 3 ft of snow on the ground, so I can't.  He's so sad.
  • Lately it's her paci holder.  She swings it around or just holds it in a death grip.  Sometimes I clip it on her shirt just so she doesn't lose it.  Yesterday she had 2 of them when she was at the doctor for a follow up. 

    I also have some wind chimes that I brought in last fall and hung in a doorway to the kitchen.  When she's in her high chair she can reach them if I pull her close enough.  She loves making a racket with those.  

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    jdveatch said:
    This post made my husband and I LAUGH!  Ours is obsessed with the stairs and throws a temper tantrum when we close the gate.  Not a toy...but seeking danger, I guess! 
    This was my thought as I was reading OP's post as well. Our DS LOVES stairs. Really climbing anything, but if he sees stairs he races for them. If I forget to close the gate in the morning (only the master is upstairs, so we open it at night for easy maneuvering in the dark) he is halfway up them before I can think twice. The other day we were at a friend's house and I looked away for half a minute and could not find him when I turned back. He had gone up their stairs. Luckily, he yelled to brag about it and we found him quickly.

    (As I type this, he found the step stool his sisters use to climb onto our spiral stair case through the slats and is attempting to do the same)

    His other favorite "toy" is our cat. He said "Taz" before anything else and he'll also hold out his hand and click his tongue when he sees her. She's such a pushover, she actually responds to him and he gets so excited and tackles her. She doesn't mind. My kids are her kids and she adores each of them.

    And my cell phone or my purse. Every chance he has to get his hands on it, he dives for it. He loves digging out my wallet and pulling all the cards out and dialing random numbers on the phone.
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  • She's had some fixations:

    A set of small paintings hanging over the couch.

    Coconut water and soup. She will cry when it's all gone!

    Cups, sees one, HAS to have it and try to drink out of it.

    Hats, she will sit and try on / have you try on a huge pile of hats for ever!

    She likes to "ferret away" things too. She has five or six hiding places all over the apartment where I will find little toys or the snot sucker, baby nail clippers, my phone or wallet. Mostly the places are such that she can drop it in and not get it out-at least not without ease.
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