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How did you feed beans to your child for the first time?  Which kind did you try first?  I was thinking I would feed my LO cooked black beans tomorrow and feed them to her whole; we do BLW for the most part.  Wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.  Not sure why this one is making me double guess myself.

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  • We purred them
  • We started with black beans IIRC, because that's mostly what we eat. In the very beginning I would just smush them a little with my finger.

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  • Thanks everyone!

  • My guy loves black bean soup, which I just mush up black beans to make.  He's 10 months.
  • We also do blw. I just give blk beans whole but if they look to big for your lo trying cutting them in half at first.
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  • We did BLW and beans were and still are a favorite snack.  I use a can of reduced sodium black beans or pinto beans (I think pinto beans are favored over black beans) and I rinse them really well under hot water and serve them as is. 
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  • We had chili this week and E loved the meat and kidney beans.  I just rinsed his in the strainer to take off all the spices and cool it down for him.

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