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  • Can I get an invite? Thx!
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  • Can I also get an invite? Thank you!
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  • I think the private Houston board doesn't exist anymore. That sucks.
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  • I'd also like an invitr if possible
  • Wow. This board has slowed WAY down since the last time I've been on. Can I have an invite to the private board?
  • I would like an invite too please. It's been a while since I was on tb due to their board issues.
  • Could I please have an invite :)

  • Invite pleeeeease! :)
  • please add me to the private board. thx!
  • Can I be added to the private board as well.  Thanks!
  • Please send an invite to me for the Private Board ... I'm new here   :)

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  • Could I get an invite?
  • I would like an invitation to the private board please:)
  • Please invite me! Thanks so much :)
  • Can I get an invite please! :)
  • can i get an invite?!

  • Could I get an invite please?

  • Can I get an invite as well?

  • May I please have an invite to the private board? Thanks!
  • Would love an invite please
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  • Please invite me to the private board. Thanks!
  • Invite pretty please? With a cherry on top? Thanks so much ladies!
  • Can I play too?

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  • please add me!
  • Me too please!

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  • Can I get an invite please?
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  • Can I have an invite too??



    My twins Benjamin and Olivia



  • Can I have an invite please?  Thank you!
  • edoliesmomedoliesmom
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    I would also like an invite, but it doesn't seem the person originally sending out the invites seems to be responding. Have any of you recent ladies received one yet?

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  • May I please get an invite? Thanks!
  • Please send me an invite edd 9/12
  • Are you still providing the link/PW to the private board? If you are, please send me the link/PW. 



  • I would like an invite. I moved to Houston about 2 years ago and this is my first baby born here. I would love to connect with other moms.
  • Invite me please. :)


    PG#1 - 3rd cycle BFP. Team Green. HELLP syndrome @ 34 weeks.
    Later diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, possible link to HELLP.

    PG#2 M/C 3/14 - Surprise BFP 2/13. Beta's doubled every 52 hours from 3w5d-5w5d
    Viable pregnancy scan at 5w5d; 2nd u/s showed 2 days of growth in 7 but a HB of 120
    3rd u/s on 3/10/14 had no HB and baby had only grown 7 days over 14
    D&C 3/17/14 - complications - DX Retroflexed uterus, multiple tears to cervix

    All Welcome


  • I live in Spring/The Woodlands, work in Kingwood - do I qualify for an invite??
  • We are in the process of moving to Houston from overseas. Would love to be part of the private board so we can get a feel for the city and meet new friends. Due with our first in September
  • I would love an invite to the private board please.
  • I'd love an invitation to the private board, due in July! Thanks :)
  • ME TOO!!!!! PUH PUH PUH Please? 

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