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Ear ache

My LO is about 10 1/2 Mo and we are experiencing our first ear ache. We have been on Amoxacillin (sp) for the alloted 10days and we give tylenol when fever present and also Hylands ear drops but with no prevail! She seems to be getting more irritable and the meds dont seem to be helping in the least. i dont really want to take her back to the doctor and am looking for "home remedies" that you yourself have tried and are true. She has been a blessing for a first child and i just cant seem to figure out how to help her! Any advice is welcome!

Im not against going to the doctor i just feel that we have tried his solution and it didnt work...

Re: Ear ache

  • I know that this isn't what you want to hear, but it is common that certain antibiotics don't work for certain kids ear infections.  When my son had an ear infection the first antibiotic didn't work, we went back and they prescribed a different one which worked.  This also happened to three of my friends kids.  Either way, good luck!  It's never fun when little ones are sick.
  • Thank you two!! When i had picked her up the sitter had done the olive oil and garlic and so far so good. ive continued on with our ear drops too. I just hate to give her Meds at all.
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  • If an infection (of any type) doesn't respond to antibiotics the child needs to go back to the doctor. 
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  • If she is not responding to the amoxicillin then you need a different antibiotic. They will likely give you azithromyocin. You need to get the infection cleared up so her hearing isn't affected.
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