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NBR: What do you do for a living???


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  • I am a neuropsychologist. I work in a dementia clinic, outpatient clinic with a variety of neurological conditions and also with an NHL and AHL team. It's cool meeting all the hockey players and watching them play on tv. My wife is also a neuropsychologist at the VA working with veterans with poly trauma. We met on post-doc. I picked her up at grand rounds-so romantic!!
    Wanna hire me in a couple years?  Or better yet, hook me up with an internship for 2015-2016? :)
    Current pregnancy -
    First BFP on 2/14/20.  Due date 10/22/20.

    Previous losses - 
    Ultrasound at 10w on 1/8/14 showed no heartbeat and stopped growth at 7w5d.  Actual miscarriage on 1/19/14.
    Ultrasound at 10w on 12/6/19 showed yolk sac but no fetus.  Stopped growth confirmed at second ultrasound a week later; used misoprostol to finish the miscarriage.
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  • Ha! We actually don't take interns I'm afraid! Unfortunately, we tend to be so swamped that we haven't developed a training program but perhaps one day! Good luck- I know it continues to get more and more competitive!
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