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Question for those who tend to go past their due date

Hi Ladies! I had a c section with my first after a pretty much textbook failed induction at 41 weeks. We are currently ttc number 2 so I am researching options for a VBAC vs. a RCS. My question is did anyone go long with their first child and have a different situation with their second? In other words did you go into labor on your own for number 2? My mom went over her due date with all four of her kids so I am worried this will be me as well. I really wanted a med free labor with my first and ended up with an avalanche of interventions beginning with the induction. I know a lot of doctors have a 41 week limit for VBAC (though I do not know why??) and I do NOT want another induction. It was a horrible experience. My main holdup with just trying for the VBAC is that I would need to switch hospitals and doctors and IF I would end up with a C section anyways, I would rather have my current doctor do that. We do not see eye to eye on everything obviously, but he is a highly reknowned surgeon and I do trust him in that regard. UGh, I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too eh? One of the main reasons I am interested in VBAC is that I have a very high needs toddler and we live hours away from any family and while I love my husband dearly he will not be much help after the first couple of weeks. Wish this decision wasn't so hard and that I didn't have to make it at all!
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Re: Question for those who tend to go past their due date

  • I didn't go over, but with my first, I had a csection at 39w1d, because she was breech, I wasn't in labor, so who knows when that would have happened. With my 2nd, my water broke at 38 weeks. So obviously I had him much earlier than my first. If you don't wish to be induced, I would personally try fora vbac, and if it doesn't work, just have a RCS at 41 weeks. If you go in saying RCS, you are more likely going to be pushed to have the baby at 39 weeks
  • Thanks for your response! That's good to know! I know it seems like 39 weeks is the most common time dr's want to schedule RCS. Which again I don't get it! ugh, I think that might be deal breaker for me. I don't want to schedule it until at least 40 weeks. If he won't accomodate that I think I would have to move.
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  • I had a VBAC at 41w3 days. I was allowed to go to 42 weeks but I'm in Canada and had a midwife. Not sure how big of a diff that makes.
  • I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I was also extremely late with #2 and ended up with a RCS for that reason. My first experience was like yours, overdue, failed induction, interventions, c/s etc, I wanted so badly to VBAC with #2 but I waited until 42 weeks and nothing was happening. I am glad I tried, because I know now I did what I could to try for a vaginal birth and plus if my kids need 42 weeks to develop, then there's no way I want some doctor to tell me to get them out at 39. All that said though, I am still trying for a VBAC with #3! I know the odds are not in my favor but my doctor is on board and willing to wait until 42 weeks again (plus I fibbed on my LMP to give myself 4 more days, although I don't think this doctor is going to be waving a calendar in my face like my last ones would have). I know it's a gamble but I have to try. Recovering from a. RCS was a thousand times easier than the first, but it's still so terrible and painful, especially with a toddler at home.
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  • thanks for the responses ladies! I just have a feeling that it is always going to take longer than 40 weeks or even 41 for me. And I agree megs68, if that's how long they need I don't want anyone taking them at 39! I think I may intend for a vbac so at least I could go until 41 weeks before a RCS. Thanks again ladies!
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  • I went into spontaneous labor with DS1 at 37w5d.  I had a c/s at 38w with my twins due to breech presentation.  I was hoping for a VBAC for my last pg but I got to 41w and still had made no progress and my OB wouldn't induce a VBAC so I ended up with a RCS.  I tried everything to get labor started for weeks and nothing worked.

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  • I never went into labor with my first. I was induced at 41w1d because LO failed his BPP and NST.  Otherwise my midwives would have let me go until 42.  I'm in a new state and my VBAC OBGYN lets you go until 42w before considering induction.  She just starts NST/BPP at 41w.  She said she expects me to go to 41w again, no worries.  Contact your local ICAN to find the most VBAC friendly doctor possible!  My doctor has a csection rate under 10% and is known as "doctor midwife" because she's so awesome and so into natural birth when possible.

  • I had a c-section with my first, and with my second I went into labor at 41w3d. My doctors were willing to let me go to almost 42 weeks (with regular NSTs) as long as there were no issues. I switched practices when I was pregnant with my third, but they were also willing to let me go to 42 weeks (she came on her own at 40 weeks, so it was never an issue, though).
  • In your case, I'd probably want to chart very diligently so you can be fully confident in your EDD. For me, LMP vs conception date + 38 weeks gave us a difference of 3.5 weeks! I know first trimester utlrasound is what most rely on, but even that has a 5 day confidence window; I would be very hesitant to agree to an induction if the u/s-based due date had me at 41 weeks while my conception date only had me at 40weeks2days - know what I mean? I just like knowing for sure. 
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  • I was 41.5 weeks with my first when I went into labor that resulted in a c/s.  My midwife was very generous with my due date for my VBAC. Even with that, at 41 weeks (the longest the hospital would "allow" me to go) I was given the option of an induction or a RCS.  I chose the induction and had an easy VBAC.  Every pregnancy is different but my midwife has told me that I am likely a "late gestator" and just have long pregnancies.
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