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VBAC Hospitals in KC area?

Hello everyone!  I am 19 weeks preggo with baby#2 and hoping for a vbac this time around.  First baby was c/s due to breech.  We didn't find out until several hours of labor.  I was dilated to 5 cm.  Recovery was rough (will be 4 yrs. between births).  And we live in a bigger house now, with a lot of stairs, and on top of having a 4 year old, I just really want to try for a vbac.

The only catch is that I live and work in Topeka.  And none of the hospitals here offer vbac. 

My OB is supportive of my interest in vbac and says I am a good candidate.  He says he can provide prenatal care, and if I choose, I can deliver at KU Med.

Has anyone had a vbac at KU Med?  What other hospitals in the KC area would you recommend for vbac?

Its a really tough decision for me and my husband.  I really don't want to go through an unnecessary surgery, but I will be kind of upset if we go to KC for delivery and end up with another c/s anyway. 

I appreciate any and all input!

Re: VBAC Hospitals in KC area?

  • A friend of mine just had a VBAC at Shawnee Mission Medical in October. I delivered there in September as well and enjoyed my experience. I also know of someone else who tried for a VBAC at St Lukes South, not sure if she was able to or not.

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  • Check out the IC ICAN group...they are a great resource.  They have a facebook group and they are a great resource.  I ended up having a homebirth VBAC after my search for VBAC options in KC, though that was 3 years ago  
  • i meant to say kc ican group
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