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Reviews of West Penn OB/GYN associates?

Hi everyone! My husband and I just find out we're pregnant, so I'm looking for an OB/GYN in the South Hills area. I have an appointment booked with the West Penn OB/GYN associates, they deliver at West Penn hospital. Any reviews or experiences you would like to share (positive or negative)?

We are both from out of the area so our options are open! I would preferably like to use the Midwife Center of Pittsburgh or deliver at Magee because I'm leaning toward natural birth/water birth. I guess I'll get a better feel for West Penn after our first appointment on Tuesday. Thanks for any tips! 

Re: Reviews of West Penn OB/GYN associates?

  • Hi,

    I just moved to Pittsburgh in Jan and fell in love with the Midwife Center (I'm a FTM). If you haven't contacted them, and are interested, I'd do so ASAP. I had called (from NC) back in Oct when I was only 9 wks pregnant and had to get on the waiting list for my May birth! It worked out, but just a head's up!

    Good luck! =) 

  • A friend of mine just delivered at West Penn last week. She liked it but she had what I would call an old fashioned experience. Epidural immediately, baby stayed in nursery at night, etc. I do know that she did have a nurse who sounded very unsupportive about breast feeding. If you're looking for a more natural birthing experience, I would look somewhere else.
  • I would highly recommend Magee or Midwife Center over the West Penn OB/GYN, they both are much more attentive to you and your baby's needs than West Penn.
  •     I gave birth to my daughter at west penn last feb and I had a wonderful experience. The nurses were very supportive and helpful during the birthing experience (which included me screaming in their ears... I am a baby when it comes to pain). They answered all my questions and were very attentive to my needs. The teaching staff delivered my baby but there were doctors there over seeing everything. They also do everything in the delivery room like after she was born they fixed me up and they did her "checkup"( weighting,cleaning, measuring her) all in the same room. Which I thought was nice that Icould watch that.

        If you decide to breastfeed, West Penn has a wonderful laction specialist on hand.It's a guy but he is so nice. The security there is good too. The baby got an ankle bracelet so that if anyone tried to take her out of the labor unit then all the doors would lock and an alarm was sounded.Anytime the nurses brought her in, I had to read my number from my hospital bracelet to make sure it  matched hers before they gave her to me.

         The rooms are very big so your able to have family visit without being overcrowd and we got a room with a view of the city. The cafeteria food was good (according to my husband) and they even had a little fridge near the nurses desk with soda's and some snacks if you get hungry in the middle of the night.

        The only downfall with our stay was that they were doing construction so they was alot of banging. They were extending the floor and updating the rooms so it's suppose to be really nice now. Also if your looking for a pediatrician ccp (children's community pediatrics) in shadyside is great....everyone is so nice there and our doctor is the best ..his name is Dr.Bulter. When we first went there we were freaking out about everything but he really helped us out and answered all questions!!

       A friend of mine gave birth last year at magee and her experience was very different then mine. When we went to visit her room was tiny and she said alot of the other patient's vistors were rowdy and noisy.. But in the end it's your choice. I hope this helps and if you have any more questions just ask!! goodluck


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  • I left an OB practice with Forbes to start seeing the Midwives at the Birth Center in the Strip. I love them! My husband and I attended one of their Tues night orientations which is free, no obligation, and they give you a TON of great information. At the very least, even if you start care with the docs through West Penn, I would highly recommend attending a Tues night orientation at the Birth Center as well. Best of luck to you!
  • I delivered with this group just within the last month.  All the docs were fine - no complaints.  And I specifically chose them so that we could deliver at West Penn.  Magee is a nightmare baby factory with nazi nurses that will deny you formula if you choose not to breasfeed.  I have several friends that had issues there.

     West Penn also has remodeled post partum suites which are really nice.  Our nurses were very attentive and it wasn't a crazy hectic environment where you feel like a number.

    As far as natural birth/water birth, that really is more the doc you choose, not necessarily the hospital.  Although some hospitals may look at a water birth as higher risk so I'm not totally sure.  You may run into some folks that have issues with that due to liability.

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  • I went to western pa obgyn last year for my first pregnancy. My first appointment felt very rushed and no one really took the time to answer questions, just threw some brochures at me. I ended up having a miscarriage, which I had to go downtown to the hospital, not to the office. A few days later I went back to the office to follow up and the doctors and nurses acted like nothing happened! They gave me an injection and another brochure, which the nurse said, "give this to your daddy, let him read up on it." I was extremely offended! I may look young but I'm 25, married, and intentionally trying to have a baby. I will never go back there again.
  • My doctor was with Womencare Associates, and I had a c-section at Mcgee this past May.  I had a very positive experience at Mcgee - all the nurses were attentive and supportive.  I think most maternity places push breastfeeding nowadays, and as I wanted to nurse, they were very supportive and had lactation experts who made the rounds.  My milk had trouble coming in, and as they were fearful my DS was losing too much weight, they actually suggested that I start supplementing with formula - even gave me a choice of three different kinds.  While I did  hear another patient's visitors, I would not have categorized them as rowdy - I think it's luck of the draw with who your neighbor and their guests are.  Except for testing, my baby stayed with me in the room the whole time.  My only complaint would be the size of the rooms - very small.   I definitely did not have a ".. . nightmare baby factory with nazi nurses that will deny you formula if you choose not to breasfeed" experience at Mcgee.

    I have had an acquaintance who delivered at West Penn.  I don't know details, but she reported a very good experience, as well.  They have very nice, recently remodeled rooms, too, from what I hear.
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