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Tommee Tippee!

So my LO has been having a to of issues eating! She spits up a ton, sometimes so much or its so thick she wasn't breathing! SCARY!!!! We have been to the doctor 4 times, and nothing seemed to be helping we've been told its reflux and a milk protein allergy tried 3 different formulas but nothing they said to do was helping. Today I figured out that the measurements on some of our tommee tippee bottles are VERY off and I think that was what is causing all this!! 

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  • Shoot, I use TT also. I'll have to watch out for this.  Are you using the bottle with the air hole at the top (like by her nose not her chin)?  Just curious because I heard you are supposed to hold the bottle like that.  Idk though, I guess talk to your peds.
  • Oh crazy, I'm going to test the measurements on mine later too
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  • When I pump with the Philip avent bottles and put it into a tommee yippee bottle the measurements are usually off by 1/2 ounce to an ounce.
  • This might be a stupid question, but in which direction?
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  • I use TT. LO seems fine with it. I have the one with the vent hole. Maybe you should check the angle your holding the bottle like suggested? I find that if the angle is good, you can actually hear the air release everytime LO sucks on the bottle. 

    I don't find anything wrong with the measurements. I pump from an ameda and pour into the TT. It's the same level. The only time i see any difference is with formula. since even though you put X amount of water in it for the powder. After you shake it and have it mixed well. It creates more than the X amt of liquid you put in. so 4oz becomes almost 4.5
  • A few of mine were fine, and turns out it wasn't causing the problems. But when they were off it was by either an oz or 1/2
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