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Hi!  I just started posting so wanted to introduce myself.

I have an almost 3 year old DS who was diagnosed with ASD on 09\16\2013.  I was really blindsided by the diagnosis.  On August 2, 2013 we took him into the pediatrician because after he stopped napping I was noticing some really hyper activity in the afternoons.  Flitting from table to table at the library, wandering off from me at the store, trying to join daycare groups when we would go to the zoo.  I was expecting something like hypothyroidism (which I have - Hashimotos) or ADHD.  I was stunned when the pediatrician started asking me autism questions- it just didn't seem to fit.  Once I got home and started reading more about it, it made sense.  Our pediatrician had referred us to a developmental pediatrician, but the appt was not until 6 months later.  We decided to call around and get him evaluated at a university hospital and received the official diagnosis in September.  

He is now in speech therapy, pre-school through early intervention and we are on the waiting list for ABA and hoping that will start soon.  We are open to both traditional therapies and the functional medicine approach. I started getting into functional medicine after my Hashimotos flared after having my second child and am stunned at the similarities I am finding between my own auto-immune disease and autism.  

Looking forward to getting to know you ladies and learning from you!  

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  • Welcome! I have a little girl who just turned 3 with autism as well. like you we utilize traditional therapies alongside alternative medicine and its working well for us thus far. *knock on wood*
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