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Favorite dairy free food

What are your favorite dairy free snacks or foods that you buy when grocery shopping? I've been eating the same things for months and am looking to switch it up. Thanks!

Re: Favorite dairy free food

  • My kids both like hummus with pita bread or various veggies, some of the Annie's crackers, edamame, Oreos, some brownie mixes (I think Duncan Hines) or Nutter Butter sandwiches are special treats. As for food- we eat a lot of pasta (spaghetti with marinara sauce, shrimp with noodles and safe butter), mexican (refried beans burritos or tacos with black beans and mexican rice), baked chicken with rice and veggies, pot roast or bbq meat cooked in the crockpot. Some of my kid's favorite lunches are good old fashioned PB&J or turkey sandwiches. DD also likes wraps with turkey and guac. HTH some. GL!
  • We love plantain chips with homemade quac for a snack. Also hummus and veggies.
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  • All of SO Delicious brand stuff.  Coffee creamer, yogurt etc. 
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  • Traditional Chex mix Roasted garlic hummus with Tricuits
  • Frozen pretzels, Grapes, Raisins
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