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DS and IFSP question

The last time EI was out for a visit (1/23) I asked when they start ST and they said around 18 months. Today I was reviewing a milestone guide that they gave me that said that babies with DS start babbling mama and dada around 4-8 months.  Ds2 is already 10.5 months and he is still not babbling consonant sounds.  It's all ah, with a few other vowel sounds, raspberries, and tongue click type noises.  

With the information from the milestone guide, I'm wondering if I should push for the ST to evaluate him as part of his annual review or if it would even matter if we brought in ST at 13 months instead of 18.


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Re: DS and IFSP question

  • My dd was in the same place at that age and we had the luxury of having a slp in our house weekly that I could ask questions to. She didn't get nervous as all because she was making sounds and communicating by crying. She said if she didn't start by one they'd evaluate her but closer to one she started babbling more consonants and even added a few words. I'd ask but not get too nervous.
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  • my son has a different genetic disorder and at 12 months he was only making consonants and raspberries.  We had EI evaluate him and he started ST at 18 months (only because his birthday was in the summer and my older son has just started preschool).  He would have qualified at 12 months.

    When is your next IFSP?  If it's not in the next month I would ask for an eval.  Here, our current therapists can recommend a speech evaluation and it kiind of bypasses that initial "lets see if it's even needed"phase.  Our PT recommended it and within 3 weeks we had it scheduled.
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  • Are you currently receiving EI services?  I'm an SLP in EI and where we are we typically assign a developmental specialist to a child that needs speech/language stimulation along with other areas of need if it's delayed development not related to a specific diagnosis/issue.  The SLP will do consults to make sure the developmental specialist is comfortable with the therapy and if they have questions, but I don't even necessarily go in at 18 months as a weekly service… depends again on the child.  If they are just a "late talker" then language stimulation by a developmental specialist is still appropriate.  It wouldn't hurt to have an SLP come take a look at him and make sure you're not missing anything right now.  


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