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newly diagnosed peanut allergy...advice/tips needed

My 15 month old was just diagnosed with a peanut allergy but we were also told to stay away from tree nuts as well.  I am looking for tips and advice to deal/live with this.

What should I do/ask when eating out?? What brands typically are nut free and safe to buy and which ones should I stay away from.  


Re: newly diagnosed peanut allergy...advice/tips needed

  • Hi ! My 18 month was diagnosed at 13 months after her first and last PB sandwich.  She broke out in hives and in the last 6 months, we've managed this MUCH better than I expected.  It's overwhelming at first, esp for someone with no food allergy experience.  

    As far as tree nuts, we avoid those as well but she did test negative to those so if we find tree nuts NOT processed with peanuts, we do NOT avoid those.  (Blue Diamond Almonds and Barney Butter - Almond Butter - HIGHLY recommend as a PB sub if you can do that).

    As for brands, we typically buy regular brands, just read the labels.  The only bread I avoid is Arnold brand.  I don't do bakeries at all (not even for lunch meat b/c nuts are everywhere back there), we don't eat dessert out except Wendys frostys), we avoid all asian restuarants (although we may try some Japanese at some point), and we avoid all steakhouses with peanuts and five guys.  Other than that, we eat out alot (too much) and are just careful to tell the waiter of her allergy and stay away from obvious potential risk foods.  We haven't really run into too many issues.

    She hasn't had a reaction since her first.  

    Biggest thing I can tell you:  It could be worse.  It will be ok.  Make sure your epi is with you at all times just in case.  You can live a normal life with this.
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  • One more thing:  not that you want your child eating fast food all the time, almost all fast food is actually ok for us with just peanut allergy.  Wendys has no peanuts, we have no issues at McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, etc.  Also, if you have a Chipolte near you - awesome place and totally nut free.  Red Robin is great with allergies too.  Outback and Longhorn steakhouses have no peanuts either.  Our allergist says chick fil a is 100% ok.  We haven't tried that out yet but probably will.  I know there are conflicting opinions on that.
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  • Thanks so much for your responses..they help a lot..we are still waiting for the eli to get cleared by insurance so we aren't taking LO out to eat until we have it.  I do have a chipotle and saw they are nut free so I'm excited about that because we love it and LO loves their guacamole and quesadillas.  

    We weren't tested for tree nuts but were told to stay away from them.  I am sad that at birthday parties and things he won't be able to eat the cake but I guess if I bake him brownies or something at home and bring it with us he can have that as a treat.  
  • There is an Epi Pen coupon for a $0 copay up to 4 per household. Someone told me they do this a couple times a year so you should be able to get it free.

    We have peanut allergy and we really haven't had too many issues. We're cautious about what she eats but no troubles at parties with store bought cake. I always talk to the mom/my friend and make sure there will be safe foods. One time I forgot to ask until I was screaming in a panic at my friend about some weird app my daughter had just eaten, but thankfully all was OK.

    We have en Epi for school, at home, my mom's house, and a spare.
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  • I just bring a safe cupcake to parties for DD1. I have this little container called a Cup-a-cake (got it on Amazon). It keeps the icing from getting messed up, so I can just throw it in my purse. Most store bought cakes do have a risk of cross-contamination. DD's allergy is very severe, so we don't take chances with anything made in a facility or on shared equipment.
  • DS went into anaphylaxis after eating fish at 11 months so we had him tested by an allergist.  He tested positive for peanuts (we haven't given him peanuts at that point yet) and we were told to avoid all nuts.  I've actually found his peanut allergy easier to manage than his fish one.  Most restaurants and bakeries are aware of nut allergies so usually you can ask and they'd tell you if anything contains peanuts.  Just make sure you read all labels carefully.  I once bought gave DS some pesto sauce without thinking and as it turned out, the sauce had pine nuts and almonds.  Luckily he did not react to those.
  • My biggest tip for you is don't panic and done go overboard. You have made it this far already.

    Just start label checking and be aware what your bean is eating. Every time I feed my son we label check. I do it even if I know. I say look B does this have nuts... No nuts.. It is B safe.

    We do it with Gluten also since he is Celiac but now every time he eats he asks me "mommy does it have nuts? Mommy does it have gluted in it? Mommy is it B safe?"

    He does this with everyone so it makes them aware.
  • Thanks for posting this! My little guy just got blood tested today for peanut & egg allergy...we're going to get the results back in a few days, and it was reassuring to catch this post.  :)  

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