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I have a referral to see Dr. Carnovale, does anyone have any experience with him?  I tried looking at reviews online, but they're not looking too awesome.  Sounds like it might be a personality thing, but I don't know. 

Any experience or know of any other RE's at Community North that you like?
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Re: RE at Community North

  • I don't know this doctor but I went to Midwest Fertility. I was so happy and at peace with my decision to go to them. I know they have an office in Carmel, but I personally went to the office in Fort Wayne just because of where I live. I saw Dr. Colver and was so impressed by him. Good luck, I just wanted to give you a recommendation in case you needed one.
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  • Thanks!  Indy and Fort Wayne are pretty much the same distance for me, so I'll definitely check him out. 
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  • I also went to Midwest Fertility and loved them!! I went to the Fort Wayne office but they are also in Carmel too.  Dr Will and his staff are amazing!! I couldn't say enough good things about them.
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