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How should I take this statement???

Hi All:


Back in October you may remember I asked the question about am I cutting my child's father/boyfriend too much slack when it comes to all the things (including money) that it takes to raise a child. It seems like we are trying to get past this hurdle and I am trying to not to be afraid to communicate how I feel toward him (I am one who will just clam up and find a way to do it myself instead of rocking the boat)... This morning, I decided to try it and wanted to know how did it feel about being a dad 16months later (our son's age)... The response has left me kinda speechless


I asked him why he believes it isnt that big of a deal but he hasnt responded yet...


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Re: How should I take this statement???

  • My son is 17 months in a few days, and he is easily my bestest buddy.  Every night I race home to play with him and watch him be him, in amazement.

    16 months is the age where dads can really ramp it up in the rough housing/play area.  Also, his speaking is really taking off too.  He mimicks most of the things we say to him, because he wants to talk so badly.  He walks around the house like he owns the place, and he is even starting to test our resolve in a number of areas.

    So, yeah, it is a big deal every single day for me to watch my boy grow and develop into who he is becoming as a person.  I don't know how a father of a little boy that age can think otherwise.


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  • Unless the dude is incredibly understated and nonchalant about things, something is wrong... being a dad is a HUGE deal.
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  • I forget if the two of you are living together or what.  If he is not around his child much that could be part of it.

    Then again, MW's best friend's significant other is a truck driver who just loves his 1 year old son.
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  • I think it depends on circumstances. If he's not the type of guy to get sentimental about things it was probably his way of saying he kinda likes being a dad.

    If he said it sucked because he couldn't do anything he wanted anymore then that would be something to be speechless about.

    -Devil's Advocate-

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