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stophoney's announcement

What a crazy but wonderful few days! My water ruptured Sunday evening and I started having mild contractions. After talking with my doc I took a few hours to rest before heading to L&D. I had a scary moment during early labor where I felt like I was goung to pass out. LO's heartbeat dropped scary low and I was put on oxygen and there were talks of an emergency C-section but LO's heartbeat came back up. I was not allowed to use a birthing tub because I needed constant fetal monitoring. My labor was not progressing quick enough (my doc wanted him delivered within 24 hours of my water breaking) on its own so I was given pitocin. My labor progressed quickly and painfully but I had a super amazing L&D nurse that deserves an award. I spent a majority of active labor on the birthing ball (because pressure) and the position made it impossible to keep the fetal monitor on my belly. The nurse sat on the floor under me and held the monitor in place so I could ride out the worst of the contractions. Thanks to her I was able to go epidural free and deliver our son without stitches!! Jake was born Monday at 5:27pm at 38 weeks 2 days. He is 7 pounds 7 ounces, 19.5" and doing fantastic! I am looking forward to going home tomorrow afternoon!




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  • Congratulations!!!!!!!! He is precious!!
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  • Congrats!!! He is so handsome!
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  • Congratulations!!! He's so handsome!
  • Congrats! And send that nurse some flowers when you can, mama!
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  • Congrats! Handsome boy!
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  • Congrats! Adorable!
  • WOO HOO! Congrats mama! He's handsome <3

  • congratulations!! what a cutie!
  • Congratulations! What an awesome nurse!
  • Congratulations on your sweet little boy!
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  • Congratulations! What a cutie!
  • Congrats on your beautiful baby boy.
  • Aw congratulations he's adorable!!
  • Congratulations on your handsome little man :)
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  • Congrats on a beautiful baby boy!
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  • Congratulations! He's such a cutie!

  • Congrats on the beautiful baby boy!

    First BFP 5/29/13 : )

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  • Congratulations! He is beautiful!!
  • A big congratulations!! What a beautiful boy! Good job mama!!
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  • Congratulations!
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  • Ohh he's so super cute!!!
  • Congrats! Glad to hear your birth experience improved near the end. Your little boy looks great!
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  • Good job and congratulations!!!
  • Congrats mama! He's beautiful!

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  • Congrats on Jake and yeah for an awesome nurse!
  • Aww congratulations!!!
  • Congrats!  Beautiful baby boy!!
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  • Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy!

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  • Congrats! He is a cutie!!
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  • Congrats!


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  • Congratulations! He's so cute
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  • Congratulations! Super cute.
  • Good job! And yeah for awesome nurses!!! He is beautiful!
  • Congratulations! He is adorable and looks great. :)
  • Congrats on your beautiful son and thx for sharing your birth story - awesome to hear you had such great support!
  • Congrats!!! He's a cutie!
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  • Wooh! Congrats mama!
  • Congratulations!  He's so precious!
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