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My dr has been very supportive of me having a vbac and has said i would be a good candidate for one. As of last wednesday, everything was still looking good, then Saturday I got a letter from the doctors office with the time and date of my c section.

Of course my appt isn't till later in the week so I will have wait to talk to him then. I also had my step test last week could failing it have caused me to have to have a c section. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm hoping it's just a precaution.
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  • When is the c-section scheduled? 39 weeks? 40+ weeks? C-section are easier to cancel than schedule, so it's probably just a back up date. If it's 39 weeks, you can ask to push the date back. With my second, I had one scheduled for 39 weeks but had a vbac at 38 weeks. 
  • Protocol for gbs+ is iv antibiotics, *not* cs.
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  • I would be 39 weeks when the c section is scheduled.
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  • Had my appt today, the doctor's office sent it out by mistake, my doctor is still very supportive of me having a vbac.
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  • This happened to me too, they automatically schedule all c-section moms for a repeat, I just brought it up at my next appointment and they cancelled it.  I went on to have a successful vbac when my water broke on its own at 38w5d.  She was born the Friday before the Monday when the c-section was scheduled, she would have chosen her own date either way :).

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