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Dr says no vbac because csection would take too long?

So I met with my OB the other day and she said she was not willing to have me vbac because I am overweight. She says if I had to have an emergency csection she doesn't believe she could get the baby out fast enough.

I am the same size I was with DD and my previous doctor didn't seem to have any issue with my csection.

We are gonna be 4 years between deliveries, I have a double layer low transverse incision. My reason for my csection was failure to progress. (Due to my being induced at 38 weeks because of blood pressure issues)

I am going to get a second opinion from another OB to see what she thinks. But I was wondering if you ladies think this is a lame excuse on my doctors part so she doesn't have to do a vbac or does it sound like a legitimate concern?

I've been doing research and the studies I've seen have been inconclusive. Some studies say yes it takes longer and some say no. I guess it comes down to the skill of the doctor performing the section.

Re: Dr says no vbac because csection would take too long?

  • Sounds fishy (and fat-shaming). Good call on looking for a new provider, good luck!
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  • Yea that's ridiculous…my BMI is considered overweight( even though I am no where near overweight) and the midwifery group I am using has never mention anything to me about my weight. Definitely smart getting a second opinion. Good luck!
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  • I'm overweight (obese, now, with baby weight) and neither my mw nor the ob who did the surgery noted weight when we talked about the possibility of a vbac.
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  • Thanks ladies for your opinions!

    DH and I were talking about my section with DD and he agreed between prepping me and getting her out it took 10-15 mins. Keep in mind this wasn't an Emegency. Neither of us was in distress. I had failure to progress and the doctor called the section and it wasn't rushed. We were talking for a couple mins before they even started! (My doctor was so sweet and she knew how disappointed I was so she took some time before she started to reassure me which I really appreciated!) So it's hard to imagine in an actual emergency that it would take longer then that!
  • I would visit a midwife practice instead of an OB.  They tend to have higher VBAC success rates and are more willing to let people try.  That has been my personal experience.
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  • I don't have any experience with this particular issue (My DS was born by C-section after 48 hours of labor-- I was fully dilated and had pushed for 2 hours-- he was just flexed instead of chin to chest so he wouldn't descend at all. I'm slightly overweight-BMI 27, but still in great physical condition.) but I have a friend whose OB wouldn't let her VBAC because she was overweight.  This friend is significantly overweight (would be considered obese- about 5'2" and about 225 lbs before pregnancy) and the doctor's reasoning was that it would take too long to get a spinal or epidural in if it became necessary.  The anesthesiologist had problems getting an epidural and then spinal in the first time around, and the doctor felt that doing a planned C-section was safer than potentially doing a C-section under general anesthesia.  For what it's worth her doctor had said she wasn't a very good VBAC candidate to start with (due to her previous labor-- I don't know the details, weight, and blood pressure issues throughout her pregnancy).  
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  • Definitely get a second opinion. I'm overweight and had an amazing VBAC experience. Your doc sounds like she's trying to guilt you in to a repeat section. Id consult a MW for sure. G/L!
  • Or even discuss compromise like having an epidural catheter placed, even if you don't medicate through it unless there is surgery if you want all natural. This was our plan with my VBAC last time cause I knew it saved them time and I didn't want general anesthesia if surgery happened.

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  • I am very overweight, and none of the doctors I saw (probably at least 15 different ones over the course of two pregnancies) ever said that my weight would be an issue, and I had two successful VBACs and I will be attempting a third with this pregnancy.
  • I agree with everyone else.  Get a second opinion.  I also second the PP suggestion that you might want to look for a CNM.
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