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Anyone else getting care at CP?

I have my initial visit next week and was told that all they do is lab work. I won't even see a provider or be assigned to one until after this appointment. I don't need a freakin' visit for lab work. I do enjoy travelling 40 miles one way to get to all these appointments.

Okay, rant over. Anyone seriously going to Camp Pendleton for their care? Any suggestions on providers I should attempt to request or avoid at all costs?? Any other tips/tricks with their OB clinics??

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  • I am though we'll be PCSing soon at a little over halfway. The first appointment they just take down your medical history and do your lab work. The following appointment you see someone and probably have your dating ultrasound. It really wasn't a big deal to me... There isn't too much to be done in the beginning other than watch you? What do you want them to do? If you are high risk they are more hands on in the beginning. I see McCullough (sp?) and she's been great so far.
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  • I don't want them to do anything, I really don't need or want anything until closer to 12 weeks (I'm only 8 today). It's much too early for them to see or do anything - why make me worry? I worked at a prenatal clinic and am currently an L&D/postpartum nurse, I know the routine. I just don't need to schedule an appointment for lab work. I would rather walk-in when convenient and then be able to schedule once those results are in. Like I said, I live 40 miles away from Camp Pendleton so, it's easier for me to stop in when I'm in the area than make a special trip because it's the only time they have... that's all.

    I'll have to remember the name McCullough. Thanks!! 

    Any other need-to-knows about Camp Pendleton? I know that they're finally at the new hospital, which is nice! Unfortunately, I won't be delivering there either due to a PCS.
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  • I know some girls here expect all sorts of crazy things, I didn't mean that to come off rude if it did! But yeah, the first appointment wasn't too interesting. The paperwork did take a long time though. She went over like every single paper in my packet so I'm assuming that's why they have the appointment by itself. So your next appointment doesn't take forever.
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  • I have my first appt there next week as well. I haven't even set foot in the new hospital, so I don't have much insight into their OB department, sorry. I am surprised they aren't letting you go elsewhere for care though. Last time we were stationed here, we lived out in town in San Clemente and they (tricare, when I signed up) automatically had me choose a provider out in town because I lived outside the range they make people go to naval (this was the old hospital location, obviously). Maybe you should call Tricare and ask about that, 40 miles seems like a significant distance to me, especially in SoCal traffic, though I don't know what their actual policy is regarding how far is out of range.
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  • I can't wait to switch to another provider. Naval is very rude about pretty much everything. I've noticed it's worse in OB than anywhere else though. At your first appointment ("registration") they also go over the packet you filled out and classes they offer. FYI they also schedule your second appointment (first one seeing an OB) for you before you go to registration, and depending on who you have they can be very rude about changing it. They seem to expect none of us to be working or have prior engagements. I would take happy lady's advice and call tricare, it might work out. 40 miles is a long drive!
  • Unfortunately, they're pretty strict. I had a previous referral this summer to GYN for a colpo and to cardiology and both were sent to Camp Pendleton. I called probably a half dozen times and each time it was "no, if there is space on base, you go." Their rule regarding distance is 100 miles (I can't remember if that is one way or round trip). One lady did tell me that a lot of it has to do with so many people requesting off-base care that they just have too many empty spots and can no longer let anyone go off-base at all. Oh well.

    Thanks so much for all of your help, Ladies - I do appreciate it!

    P.S. I ended up with a ruptured ectopic this weekend so, I guess it's all irrelevant anyway. Ha.
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