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Well. When you think you want one stroller you go into BRU and another one catches your eye. We're so lost.

Anyone have the baby trend expedition stroller? Pro or con?

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  • We have one that we use when we jog, it's fine for light runs, but I would not want it as my main stroller because the fold is so big (because it's a jogger). If you want to get one and have time I'd watch for the target baby sale, we got ours last year for under $30.
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  • I borrowed one from a friend and loved how it handled, but like PP said, I will not get one of my own because it folds so huge.
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  • Hmmm. I'll have to see how it fits in our trunk - we do have a roomy one but don't want the stroller to take up everything. Thanks ladies!

  • I used to have one and really liked it but it is huge and bulky and used to take up our entire trunk ( Toyota Camry ) .When we found out we were expecting our second we went ahead and bought our Phil and Teds Sport and even though its a double it takes 1/3 of less space then the expedition .
  • I have it and love it.  It's great as a jogger.  I like that it reclines almost flat and that it has a cup holder/snack tray for LO.  The storage tray underneath and the pocket on the back are nice too.  It also has the speakers for your phone which I like.  It is big so we don't use it as our everyday stroller, but to go jogging/walking or going to theme parks or the like it's great for.
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  • I'm not a fan of ours. It shakes when you go too fast both walking and running. We will be buying a new one.
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  • elittler said:

    I'm not a fan of ours. It shakes when you go too fast both walking and running. We will be buying a new one.

    There is a way to fix that problem. I forget what it is now but im sure there has to be a you tube video for it.

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