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New DX - pdd-nos

Hey all...
I've been a bumpie since I was pregnant with my daughter but haven't posted much in the past few years...

My youngest son recently got diagnosed with PDD-NOS.    Does anyone have any good resources?  Right now he is enrolled in early on for speech, but the doc that DX him wants him to have more therapy...  I just don't know where to start really... 

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Re: New DX - pdd-nos

  • Welcome! My daughter technically got the diagnosis of mild autism under the new dsm-V but did mention under the dsm-IV she would have been diagnosed with pdd-nos. I'm surprised there's doctors still giving that diagnosis. She has a really atypical presentation as well.

    Autism speaks has a really helpful guide for what you need to be doing in the first 100 days after the initial diagnosis. I've been reading an early start to your child with autism and it has been a good guide of different tips to working with your child at home.
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  • Welcome. My DS2 was also dxed with PDD-NOS but it was changed to HFA under the new DSM. Did your dr recommend a specific type of therapy? Do you have an EI coordinator?
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