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Daniel Fast

I've decided to do a 21 day fast. In this fast you can't eat meat, all sweets, and you can only drink water.
Do you think it would be a problem? And is anyone else doing it?

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  • Yeah, I agree. Definitely consult your doctor before doing anything major with dietary changes, especially one that will restrict nutrients. From what I understand your body will do whatever it can to protect your baby, so if you're not eating enough nutrients for the baby your body will start giving them up from your resources. So you'd have two drains on your system: the fast and the baby. If I may ask, what prompted you to want to do the fast?
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  • I don't think cutting out sweets and only drinking water would be a problem, but if you are normally a meat eater I would continue with that through the rest of your pregnancy and breast feeding. It's a good source of protein which you and baby need lots of right now!

    I've done quite a few fasts pre-pregnancy and they can be stressful! I would highly recommend avoiding this right now unless medically necessary and under supervision of a doctor.
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    Protein is crucial to pregnancy and while of course vegetarian and vegan lifestyles can be totally adequate for pregnancy, it takes time, study and dedication to make sure you are getting enough nutrients, proteins, etc... I would go to my doctor before considering this.
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  • Yeah it is for religious purpose.
  • Consult your doctor. It seems like a vegetarian list but I would be cautious about changing your diet so strictly while pregnant.

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  • I looked at the food list before posting. I still think you should ask your doctor and read what @BiggerinRealLife posted.
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  • I will. Trust me ladies, I'm going to use wisdom first.
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    Excuse me for not knowing much about this and if it's designated for certain months but... Couldn't you just hold off until after April?
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  • Hell no.

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  • It's a fast my church does every year, starting in January. This is something I've been doing for years, so it's nothing new.
  • I like food way to much to do any kinda fast or diet right now.
  • May I ask the religion you practice?  Just curious, no worries if you don't feel comfortable answering.  

    I am glad you will talk to your doctor about it.  If you decide to do it, and feel like you cannot do it any longer just don't feel guilty about it, you are doing something much more important than fasting.
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    It's a Christain thing based on Daniel from the Bible. I had a friend do It and from what he said it is more about eliminating processed and unnatural foods. Maybe people are assuming it means you stop eating? If you are not trying to lose weight right now(which it doesn't sound like you are trying to do) and you make sure you are getting enough calories, fat, and nutrients...I don't see what it would hurt. That being said, I think it is a must to discuss it with your doctor first. You may need to make a few adjustments to accomidate for the pregnancy.
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    It's a Christain thing based on Daniel from the Bible. I had a friend do It and from what he said it is more about eliminating processed and unnatural foods. 
    Got it, thanks for answering my curiosity!

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  • You could even just do a modified version and eliminate red meat. But, as I understood fasting from my years in Christian school, its more about giving up something and not necesarily about what you give up. As PP's mentioned, you could easily still take part and benefit spiritually even if your fast isn't as strict as the others.
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  • My doctor suggested that I modify the fast. No red meat is fine, just eat fish and chicken. All water is perfect, but twice a week I need to drink a full glass of milk.
    He said that a few of his patients are going on the fast. We don't have to be as strict.

    I'm not doing this fast to lose weight. I do this fast to cleanse and refresh myself physically and spiritually. So I can excerise my faith with God. Cause this year I have fallen off big time.
  • I'm Catholic.  I will be changing fasting behavior during Ash Wednesday, Fridays during Lent, Good Friday, etc.  Pregnant & nursing woman are exempt.  But a friend of mine told me she will usually abstain from something else like internet, tv, etc in place of food so that she is still participating in spiritual beliefs.
  • Do NOT fast while pregnant. I've done this fast before I was pregnant and it is not pregnancy-friendly.
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