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Cracked and Sore Nipples

So due to teething and being sick, DS2 has given my nipples a beating. Last week, one was clearly cracked and I even saw blood when he unlatched during one nursing session. I've tried everything that's mentioned - saline rinse, breastmilk, Lansinoh, I even stopped nursing on the worst side for 24 hours - the only thing that's hard to do right now is let them air out since it's cold right now. Nothing seems to be helping though and since he's still not feeling well, the night time nursing sessions make me want to cry. Is there anything else that's worked for anybody?!
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Re: Cracked and Sore Nipples

  • casey78 said:
    :( if none of that is helping, perhaps call your OB or midwife and ask for a prescription for APNO (all purpose nipple ointment).
    I live in Mexico... I've never heard of it down here :-(
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  • My doc said that neosporin or A&D was more helpful at healing the cracks than regular nipple cream but should be wiped off well before the next nurse or pump.  So, to get the most "wear" out of it, I'd apply right after a nurse/pump and even cover with bandaids for awhile.  Then I'd use a warm compress to wipe it away before the next feeding.  It helped after 2-3 applications.
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  • I got breast shells which I wore in my bra. it allowed me to let them air dry and not rub on my clothing.

  • Thanks everybody. I'll see what I can find!
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  • I had this & I cracked and bled. I felt terrible. I put neosporin with pain relief on it... Didn't feed her for 2 feedings on that side and I was back to normal :)
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  • I've done two different things with cracked nipples.  First, when I didn't have a stash, I used a nipple shield for a couple days till they healed.  The second thing I did, when I did have a stash to use for a day, was put neosporin on them.  The neosporin worked really well but I was hesitant to nurse him while using it.
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