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Brag Day Wednesday Christmas Edition

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  • The kids got a ton of play sets for Christmas yesterday and naturally most of them got disassembled in play yesterday. Dd wanted to play with one so she brings me the box and says "mommy, help. That, that." And points to the particular pictures of the items that need reassembling and the little characters she couldn't find. I go out and put it together for her and find the missing pieces and she gave me a hug and kiss. Sweetest (and most resourceful!) kiddo ever.
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  • Though I know now that DD will never be a Santa kid - cannot stand the man himself in any way shape or form, can't handle the "disarray" read - anything turned 15+degrees let alone oats left by the reindeer (particularly a huge huge issue Christmas morning); the DIY Lego table is quite a hit - which is saying something being an actual "toy" thing. She also figured out on her own to move her hands or an object across the top while sitting and watching a show for sensory input!!!

    Sitting at a table..not even eating...for more than 3 minutes - I may actually get something done!!! Oh yeah and got the high functioning nod again from the SLP (with seemingly more "our style" ASD kids than our OT) which always makes my heart happy.

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