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Hi guys, my SIL lent me get at home doppler to try to start listening to the babies HB. I just hit 12 weeks on Fri. I'm still having no luck finding it and am starting to freak out a little. I'm not overweight. My tummy is a bit bloated but I don't understand why I can't find it. I had a very healthy US on Thursday. Thanks guys.

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  • Ok thanks so much for the info! I have read that it can be early. I am hearing my own heart beat though through my stomach. Is that usually typical? Thanks again.
  • Yes it's normal to hear your own. Have you tried going lower in your pubic area? Try going much lower than you are. Also baby may be more on one side... Left or right. And try turning the wand while moving it. Don't just slide it straight across you might pick up an echo and then be able to find it

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  • Ok. Yes I have gone low. Earlier when I tried it the monitor said 170 but I wasn't actually hearing a HB just a lot of static. Could I have been in the right zone?
  • My midwife could not get baby on the doppler at 14 weeks. I got baby consistently on the doppler at 17 weeks. Now I can get them within a few seconds at 22 weeks. At 12 weeks, your baby is still only about 2 inches long with plenty of amniotic fluid and uterus space around them. You might want to put the doppler away for a few weeks. Static is normal, use some extra gel, and don't move the wand. You just want to focus on one small area and tilt the wand around. Then move on to a different area and try again. If it's making you nervous or upset, you need to put it away and wait.

  • How is it that people that are 9-10 weeks can hear it then? So frustrating!!
  • I got mine at about 14 weeks and DH found it right away. I however, needed about half an hour of searching to find it. At 23 weeks I can find it almost immediately. Patience and persistence really do pay off. If you are getting too frustrated or worried I would suggest putting it away for a week and trying again. 
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  • I borrowed a friends who heard hers at 8 weeks so we tried at 8 weeks on me. Her husband is a doctor she he explained how to use it on me. I was so distraught when all we could hear was my own & I thought something was wrong. I finally found mine at 10 weeks which is still pretty early & I can find it pretty quickly now at 12 weeks. I use A LOT of gel & lay on the edge of the bed with my feet on the floor so my uterus is pressed upwards. Also I looked at a couple you tube videos to see what exactly I needed to do as well & I think that really helped.

    I agree with PP everyone is so different - there was 2 weeks difference between my friend & I on the exact same Doppler she used so I wouldn't panic (I know easier said than done). Good luck!
  • I always do mine first thing in the AM when I really have to pee. I got the doppler at 11 weeks and because there are some good youtube instructionals out there, have always been able to find it quickly. I'd recommend checking out some youtube videos! There is definitely a trick to it, so don't worry, you'll get it!

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  • I heard mine on my doppler at 13 weeks. I watched tutorials on youtube
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  • I first heard mine at 10 weeks. I would have heard it earlier but I was looking way too high. I started out looking where you pubic hair starts to grow, that's where she was hiding. Now I'm 19 weeks, and have no problem finding her because of how big she is.

    Don't get frustrated. Early on it took me time to find her sometimes because of how little she was and it depended on where she was hiding. I was also told by my doctor and sono tech, it depends on your uterus. Mine is tilted forward so it was easier for me to hear early on.

  • Look on YouTube ! There are some great tutorials
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  • Make sure you're using the gel. And definitely look on YouTube for ideas on how to use the Doppler and what to listen for. I found this Little ones heartbeat around 9-10 weeks.

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