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Anybody have teenagers? By the time this one comes along July 2014 I'll have a 15 and almost 13 year old. I go between terrified and excited in .02 seconds.

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  • My oldest is 13.

  • Although many of the regulars on the board have kids who are are 6 or 7, there are some of us with teens!

    My oldest is 13, and in 8th grade.  We're really in the throes of teenage girl-hood here!  
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  • DD1 just turned 17.
  • My stepkids are now 17 and 12.5.  The 17 y/o (my stepson) and my 5.5 y/o DD are best friends.  He has adored her since she was born.  The 12 y/o on the other hand (stepdaughter) only gets along with the littler girls when they are being cooperative.  She would do better as an only child though and doesn't really get along with anyone.  It's great having 'helpers' but I also have to make sure that the bigger kids (12 y/o in particular) aren't trying to be a third parent. 
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    Close, almost 13.  I also have an almost 18 month old.

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    My oldest son will be 13 February 15th. I am due March 4th with his newest brother.I can't believe he's almost A teenager! He's already 5'7, and almost can wear his dad's size 12 shoe! Not to mention the grown attitude that goes with all that. But, he's a great kid (guy?!), and we've raised him pretty well, so I think we'll survive (although I'm not sure about our bank account!) Ask me again when we have a 13,15,&17 year old. With a 5 year old tagging along behind them! Ha!

  • Anybody have teenagers? By the time this one comes along July 2014 I'll have a 15 and almost 13 year old. I go between terrified and excited in .02 seconds.
    I have 17, 16, and 14 and one due in June 2014.  I totally get where you come from with utter excitement and being terrified. 
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  • Tell me about teenaged boys?
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  • I have a 13, 11 and 6. I think the parenting thing gets harder, the older they get. My 13 yr old is the teenage boy and oh boy, oh my! Some days I go from being totally freaked out to laughing my ass off.
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