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Cross post-- EBF reflux or mspi or both?

My son is currently five weeks old. After birth he choked on amniotic fluid 3x and was sent to the nicu for 4 days. They noticed reflux type behaviors. He was hoarse, gargles, chokes, arches, spits up, very congested etc. our pedi started him on axid at 2 weeks. He spit up less but was still super fussy, arched his back, would gag on acid, and is a very noisy sleeper etc. At this time I randomly decided to give up dairy bc I noticed he was much fussier when I ate pizza, lasagna and chocolate. I've been dairy free since the day after thanksgiving. Baby boy continued to be super fussy, never relaxed, arching, congested etc. I also noticed that on occasion he has green stool and mucous in his stool. Somedays his stool is normal, others its not. He's miserable when he poops aboutnhalfmthe time. The mucous worries me but the pedi is not concerned at all. I called my pedi again and he told me to switch him to Prevacid and to start a probiotic. He does not think its a milk intolerance and said they are super rare (didn't even test for it). Since starting Prevacid we have seen slight improvement (day 5). He is still super fussy, but easier to soothe for the first time ever. He actually goes back to sleep at night. He still cries a lot and looks pained though. However, for the first time ever he has sat contentedly for a period of 30 mins. My poor sweet baby has never been happy enough to sit contentedly for that long. It breaks my heart. He still occasionally gags on acid and has days where he is more congested than others. His sleep noises have decreased, but he still wheezes and gags occasionally. Anyways, improvements, but not perfect. He's still not thrilled or happy. Any ideas what it could be? Does it sound like reflux or an mspi intolerance? I feel like I'm missing something. It's heart breaking to watch. I should add he eats very well and gains at least 1/2lb a week EBF. There is so much conflicting info out there on the Internet. I'm on a strict diet and if its not mspi I don't want to continue it. Please help!
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Re: Cross post-- EBF reflux or mspi or both?

  • I am off all dairy (hidden) and all soy except soy oil/leitchen. He was doing better but today he's a wreck. A lot of mucus. All I ate last night was plain pasta. :/ It's so frustrating because Im the one causing him this pain. Are most mspi babies miserable?
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  • He's on bio Gia now named gerber soothe. Is that one safe?
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  • Until you find the solution to their problems, yes.  Give it some more time.  I noticed when I was detoxing from dairy/soy, there would be a random day that all his symptoms would flare up even though I didn't eat anything that he was reacting to before.  After it was all out of my system, he doesn't react unless there was something I accidentally ate.  Wait until the whole 4-5 weeks before cutting something else out. 

    Oh and MSPI and MPI is pretty common in babies younger than 6 months.  It's one of those things that have always been around but mislabeled as colic or just reflux. 

    If you accidentally mess up and eat something how long does baby react to it (after the one month mark I mean)? Does it take another whole month?
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  • Trust your mommy gut. Both my DD and DS had several of the same symptoms you mentioned. My first pedi kept telling me DD had reflux and baby acne (she was covered from head to toe in a rash). Finally I got fed up, brought her to my derm who did a biopsy when he couldn't get the eczema to heal. He referred us to an allergist who is amazing! She was ticked that our pedi had let DD go 9 mo with all the symptoms you mentioned. Most pedis are not very informed about allergies. Even our new pedi who I adore asks lots of questions and always defers to the allergist on things re: diet or switching formulas. Keep pressing till you get some answers or ask for a second opinion.
  • So how did your food allergy baby act before you went on the diet? What was the tipping point for you?
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  • I'm a lurker, but your description (minus the amniotic fluid issue) sounds just like DD at 5 weeks.  DS had reflux as a baby, so that was my first thought.  When she continued to be miserable on Zantac + Prevacid, plus having constant watery BMs and horrible diaper rash, I started an elimination diet.  Didn't help.  She started to refuse BFing.  Feeding her was miserable.  She cried all.the.time and never slept.  Finally, GI had us try Nutramigen.  She was ok for a few days, then miserable again.  At 4.5 months, I switched her to elemental formula (Neocate) and weaned completely.  Took a few weeks, but her diaper rash cleared up permanently and her colic subsided gradually.  She had a hard time with solids until about 10 months, but at 18 months she is a great eater.  She even seems to be tolerating dairy (which we started two weeks ago).  Ask for a referral to a pediatric GI.  Good luck, mama.
    DS born 8/8/09 and DD born 6/12/12.
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