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AW: Pacifier is gone!

My DD is 2. We had limited her pacifier only to nap and bedtime for the last year, but decided last wednesday it was finally time to get rid of it completely. We weren't sure what we were in for because she was like a paci addict when she was in her crib. It was the first thing she always asked for.

Wednesday night: I took scissors to the paci and "broke". I left it in the bed for her to find. When she said it was broken I said..."oh my." She slept with her broken paci that night. Took her about 1hour 15 minutes to fall asleep. She kept saying "my paci broken...mommy....paci broken."

Thursday: Took 15 minutes to fall asleep during her nap. Still had the broken paci. When she woke up I told her that since her paci was broken, maybe we should throw it out and then she would get a "big girl" cookie. (AKA a sugar cookie with sprinkles.) She threw it out without any hesitation. That night when she asked where her paci was I said "it was broken and you threw it out...remember?" She stopped asking for it then. Took her about 15 minutes to fall asleep.

Friday: No problems at nap. Only 3 minutes of crying at night and then she was asleep.

Saturday: No issues with nap or night time.

I honestly thought she would be waking up at night or asking for it longer, but she seems to be completely over it. One hurdle we can start working towards being potty trained. Just want to say thank you to everyone who passed on advice on this subject!

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Re: AW: Pacifier is gone!

  • DS lost his Wednesday- we had some tears at nap and bedtime up until yesterday, but he has been sleeping through the night with no issues and naps are being taken without incident. Soooo glad we did it, it was a little stressful for the first couple of days but then nothing. In fact last night he said he loved me, rolled over, and never made a peep again. Same for nap time today. I always chuckle when people say, "well my kid isn't attached they only use it to sleep." If they need it to sleep, they are attached... And DS was definitely one of those kids. I have known many people who have waited to take it away after 2 and literally every one of them says if they could do it again they would take away sooner as it was incredibly hard. Happy your little one is adjusting so well and happy to report that we, too, are no longer paci dependent!!


  • I am jealous. My DS is almost 2.5 and we are wimps. We limit it but any mention of getting rid of it and he gets so upset. I know I have to do will be like peeling a band aid off of a wound.
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  • DD is almost  2 1/2.  We've usually limited it to naps and bedtime only for the past several months.  We've had to do some travelling lately that has really messed up DD's schedule and we've caved - giving it to her during the day - a few times.  However, once she's in more familiar territory, it's out of sign (under a blanket) and out of mind during the day.
    We TRIED taking it away altogether last week.  For six nights, there was an hour of screaming at bed time.  DD, who used to go to bed without any objections, started prolonging bedtime too.  She'd ask for a second story, a second song, and extra night name it.  She woke up EVERY night at least once and did another 15-45 minutes of crying. She also DIDN'T nap during the day without it.  
    Yes, I too want to take it away eventually. DH and I decided it's not the right time.  We gave it back to her yesterday and at nap and got our sleeper back.  We'll regroup and try again in a month or two.  
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  • To OP:  Congrats!!!!  That's really cool :-)  I know I'll be celebrating the day DD gives up the bink for good!!
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