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My 3 month old DD is currently on Nutramigen due to a suspected milk protein allergy. She HATES it! She screams EVERY single feeding. I basically have to shove the bottle down her throat. I have an appt. with a gastric doc in a few weeks, and was trying to hold off changing things, but I am getting desperate. Several of my friends swear by soy formula. My pedi just blows me off when I mention it and talks about Neocate as our next option, which is SUPER expensive. Obviously, I will do whatever I can to get her to eat and gain weight, but I am debating trying soy. I feel at this point I have nothing to lose, as she is miserable and in pain already. Any thoughts?

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  • A lot of babies who are milk protein intolerant are also soy protein intolerant. I personally wouldn't try soy formula. Sometimes insurance will help with the cost of hypoallergenic formula, so you could look into that.

    DD2 was MSPI, so I feel your pain. It's so hard seeing them in so much pain while you find a feeding solution that works. DD2 also had terrible silent reflux, so that made things tough too. Prevacid was what finally worked for her reflux.
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